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Ad-Libs is an improvisational comedy group that performs in its own club in Dallas and does shows across the country. Each show performed by Ad-Libs is fast-paced and involves audience participation. 

Ad-Libs is a perfect solution to your corporate entertainment needs. It’s no secret why over 850 companies have trusted Ad-Libs to provide entertainment for their employees and clients at meetings, conferences and conventions. Their corporate shows are professional, interactive, energetic, and just plain funny. Whether it’s an audience of a thousand at a national convention, or a small group of 30 at a quarterly meeting, Ad-Libs is the perfect entertainment for your next corporate event.

Ad-Libs has provided corporate entertainment for many Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Exxon/Mobil and Pfizer, along with many smaller family run businesses. The show can travel to virtually any location nationwide, or we can turn our house into yours. We also offer full catering options for our in-house shows.

Each performance is completely different unrehearsed and performed for the first time. Ad-Libs bases its award-winning show on a series of improvisational skits scenes and songs performed by two teams of professional comedians. The comedy's subject matter comes directly from the audience creating interactive entertainment that allows the crowd to become a part of the show and feed on the frenzied Mardi Gras atmosphere. The comedy is quick clean and unforgettable. One of the busiest comedy troupes in the country, Ad-Libs performs more than 250 shows a year at its own club in Dallas and tours nationally for businesses and special events. Ad-Libs has created a loyal business following that has led the troupe to be consistently rebooked time and time again. If you are looking for something different, new and exciting for entertainment, Ad-Libs Improvisational Comedy Troupe is for you.  

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Improvisational Comedy Troupe
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