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Adrian Davis
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  • Sales and Corporate Strategy
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Achieving Sales Excellence
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    Adrian Davis is an internationally recognized speaker and the President of Whetstone Inc.; a management consulting firm that works with chief executives and business owners to build cohesive, client-driven organizations. As a result of working with Adrian, his clients experience a greater demand for their goods and services and an enhanced ability to provide their customers with greater value.

    Adrian has earned a reputation for delivering insightful and exhilarating keynotes and workshops. As an expert in sales and corporate strategy, he is frequently called upon to speak on successful business design in the new economy, and to advise senior leadership teams and sales groups on the subjects of corporate strategy, sales strategy and relationship management.

    Unlike traditional sales consultants or trainers, Adrian does not treat sales as a separate department, but rather as a unifying corporate culture or way of life. His strength lies in aligning corporate strategy with customer facing strategies to increase profitability.

    With over 20 years of experience in professional selling, Adrian has been successful in the trenches and understands what it takes to fully engage clients. His experience in the field informs his role as a corporate strategist.


    The Power of Story

    You can dramatically increase your sales performance by learning a secret of the best sales professionals— that buying is an emotional decision. If you can learn how to consistently stir the emotions of your prospects, you will consistently win their business.

    The way to do that is through storytelling. In this workshop, Adrian Davis will explain how telling stories motivates prospects to buy. And knowing that all buyers are not the same, he will also teach you how to craft your stories based on the different personality types you will be selling to. You'll learn how to integrate the secret code for each buyer type into your well-crafted story. The result will be a chemical and emotional reaction that guarantees increased sales.

    Adrian will unpack the secrets to becoming a master storyteller. Specifically, you will learn:

    • Why the right story is irresistible

    • How to brag about your capabilities without turning people off

    • How to motivate your prospects to buy from you

    • How to structure your story for maximum impact

    • Why personal stories are more powerful than case studies

    Inspire Your Executive Team! Light a Fire Under Your Sales Force!

    As an award winning Sales Professional and sought-after Keynote Speaker, Adrian Davis is on the cutting edge of sales.

    His keynotes have been described as electrifying, inspiring, provocative and transformational. Prepare your team for the changes you desire by capturing their imagination and stretching their thinking.
    Outside In: Where Sales and Strategy Meet

    Do you encounter resistance from your customers?
    Do your sales people struggle trying to develop C-level relations?

    Without sales growth, all company growth is crippled. Imagine what would happen to your revenue and profits if your sales team could consistently develop strategic relationships with the right customers at the right level.

    As the Chief Executive, you are responsible for ensuring your company creates real value for your client. This riveting keynote will equip you and your team with the frameworks necessary to make the development of strategic customer relationships an integral part of your company’s culture.

    During this engaging and interactive keynote, you will learn how to:

    Ensure your sales force delivers strategic value to your clients; Assess you company’s evolution and how to prepare for its next move; Categorize your customer accounts in such a way that the right amount of attention is paid to each account; Put a plan in place to ensure you are optimizing the profit potential of your best accounts; Improve the performance of your sales team with advanced strategic selling skills.

    Adrian challenges CEOs and sales professional to rethink their approach to customer relationships. He brings in-depth, refreshing and thought-provoking insights that can be put into action immediately.


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    Toronto, Canada
  • The Power of Story
  • Inspire Your Executive Team! Light a Fire Under Your Sales Force!
  • Outside In: Where Sales and Strategy Meet
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