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Andrea Mitchell
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    Andrea Mitchell is one of the most knowledgeable and captivating journalists on NBC News. Her reports on evolving foreign policy issues in teh US and abroad have brought knowledge and awareness to the entire country.

    Andrea Mitchell has been the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC since November 1994. She reports on evolving foreign policy issues for all NBC News broadcasts, including NBC Nightly News, Today, and on CNBC and MSNBC.

    Mitchell’s extensive and varied reports include a series of exclusive interviews over the years with Cuban President Fidel Castro. Her unprecedented access resulted in a one-hour documentary on Cuba that aired in December 2003. Throughout 2002 and 2003, Mitchell covered the U.N. debate leading up to the Iraq war and provided detailed reports on the questions surrounding pre-war intelligence and weapons of mass destruction. Her past assignments for NBC have included traveling to North Korea, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Bosnia, Kosovo, Pakistan and Haiti.  

    As one of NBC News’ top political correspondents, Mitchell also hosted MSNBC’s The Mitchell Report, NBC News’ election year broadcast of record throughout the Decision 2000 campaign. In addition, Mitchell was the lead NBC News correspondent covering Hillary Rodham Clinton’s race for the Senate in 2000. 

    Prior to being named Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Mitchell had been NBC News’ Chief White House Correspondent, a position she assumed after covering Bill Clinton from the New Hampshire primary through the entire 1992 campaign.  

    From 1988-1992, Mitchell served as Chief Congressional Correspondent. During that time, she played a major role in reporting on the budget, the savings and loan bailout, the Clarence Thomas hearings and other legislative issues. 

    Mitchell first covered the White House for NBC News from 1981-1988, during both of Ronald Reagan’s terms as President. She reported on such topics as arms control, the budget, tax reform and the Iran-contra scandal, and traveled extensively with the President to summits with Mikhail Gorbachev and other world leaders. 

    Over the years, Mitchell has appeared on Meet the Press as a panelist and substitute moderator. An acclaimed political reporter, she has also covered every presidential election since 1972.

    Mitchell joined NBC News in 1978 as a general correspondent. In 1979, she was named NBC News’ Energy correspondent, reporting on the energy crisis and the Three Mile Island nuclear incident. Before joining NBC, she was a correspondent for WDVM-TV (then WTOP), the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C. From 1967-1976, she was a broadcast journalist for KYW Radio and KYW-TV in Philadelphia. 

    A native of New York, Mitchell received a B.A. degree in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania where she currently serves as a Trustee, a member of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Annenberg School Advisory Board. She is married to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan.

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