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Anthony Robbins
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    Anthony Robbins has dedicated his life to discovering the most advanced principles in producing and adapting to change for the last twenty years.

    While self-help and motivational speakers merely attempt to motivate people to change, Tony provides an actual method, a scientific tool for self empowerment. Tony has dedicated his life studying and scrutinizing the success patterns of the world's greatest achievers, and has converted these patterns to apply to the lives of everyday people. He also uses his dynamic skills and proven technologies to help children and the homeless.

    Tony consults members of three royal families and provides daily and weekly coaching to several prominent world figures. He has empowered millions of people to improve their lives through his five best-selling books, published in 14 languages, and his acclaimed personal development audio series, Personal Power, which is the most successful of all time with 25 million cassettes sold in less than five years.

    Anthony Robbins has served as a peak performance consultant to the 1992 America's Cup winner, America; 1993 Stanley Cup finalists, the Los Angeles Kings; 1994 U.S. Open Champion, Andre Agassi; and the 1995 San Antonio Spurs. Robbins has also been a consultant to executives from such Fortune 500 companies as American Express and Xerox, IBM, AT&T, Hallmark, Southwestern Bell, and the U.S. Army have all utilized and benefited from Robbins' technologies, Robbins has advised the President of the United States. He was selected as a consultant for the regeneration of Sheffield, England and spoke before members of the British House of Commons and the House of Lords.

    In addition to his various accomplishments, Tony has also been running the Anthony Robbins Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization whose volunteers feed more than 125,000 people every Thanksgiving in 65 cities across North America.

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