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Archie Griffin
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    Archie Griffin is one of the greatest football players of his time, with a string of 31 consecutive 100 yard games. Throughout his career he earned many honors, including being named the greatest player ever coached by Woody Hayes.

    As a junior at Ohio State Archie was named to every All-American team and was called "the greatest football player I've ever coached" by Woody Hayes. Combining power, speed and an uncanny ability to break four or five tackles on a single play, he smashed the all-time record for running backs in the Big Ten, amassing 4,064 yards. As a senior Archie extended his record of consecutive 100-yards plus games to 31, his overall yardage to 5,176 and became the only player ever to win the Heisman twice. Griffin was exceptional in several ways. Of course, he was magnificently consistent, grinding out 100-plus yards week in, week out. He was a leader on the field and off, despite his modesty. But most of all, Archie reflected the high standards of the Griffin family, which exemplified hard work, devotion to excellence and resilience.

    After graduating early from Ohio State with an excellent scholastic record, Griffin was signed by the Cincinnati Bengals. He is currently working at his alma mater as Associate Director of Athletics. 

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