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Barbara Stoker
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    Barbara Stoker brings a dynamic style to encouraging individuals to climb the mountains they face in their own lives. In her presentation IntelligentRisking, Barbara Stoker inspires audiences through her interactive programs to take those risks that make a difference for their businesses, their customers and themselves.

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    With over 20 years of experience as an executive in sales, marketing and new product development Barbara Stoker well knows those personal and professional risks. As a consumer marketer Barbara Stoker was the person brought in to develop the new product, brand or division when all else had failed. And because of her approach to risk and her "never say never" attitude Barbara Stoker was able to succeed where others had not. For Hallmark Cards she launched their Gift Program, which today represents over $200MM in sales. For Walt Disney Productions she licensed several Disney movies, as well as, spearheaded a new licensing program. For Mattel she developed Porcelain Barbie, starting Mattel's collectable business, which is now worth millions of dollars. At Coors she took a 'couldn't be sold' product and proved it 'could be sold' with an opening order to Nordstrom for over $1MM dollars.

    Barbara Stoker's IntelligentRiskingª Programs create a memorable experience for every person who attends and they truly make a difference! Most importantly, at the end of her program people are able to look at the risks they face with a new perspective. They walk out the door with not only the inspiration and the strategies they need to help them risk more successfully but they also leave with a renewed commitment.

    Because Barbara Stoker believes it is important to have adventures in every aspect in our lives, she is a technical rock climber, technical ice climber and has now taken up Paragliding. The courage to take risks is often found in the heart; Barbara Stoker is also a Wish Grantor for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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