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Barbara Viniar
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    In July 2008 Barbara Viniar became the first woman president of Chesapeake College on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. As the shore struggles to preserve its rural character while its population grows, she provides leadership in forming strategic alliances to facilitate economic and social change.

    In 1995 Viniar founded the Berkshire Leadership Program to bring new, creative energy into community decision-making. In addition to over 30 years of community college experience, her service on arts, education, social services, economic development and corporate boards has given her a broad understanding of contemporary issues and organizational development.

    Working her way up from a grant funded “assistant to an assistant” to college president, Viniar has shared her success by mentoring women and men and helping colleges across the country develop leadership programs.   She has served at colleges in New York, Massachusetts and Maryland, and for five years as the Executive Director of the Institute for Community College Development at Cornell.

    Viniar has studied leadership at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and earned her doctorate from the Institute for Leadership Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  In 1986 she was awarded a Kellogg National Fellowship. She is a 2009 graduate of Leadership Maryland.   

    Breaking Barriers

    While barriers are broken daily, they still exist for women in every profession. As the feminists of the 20th century prepare to pass the torch, how will women with no memory of pervasive, institutionalized sexism lead us the rest of the way?  Using her own career and observations of women she has worked with in business, the law, politics, the arts, religion, and education, Viniar addresses the accomplishments of the last 30 years and the challenges that remain. 

    The Gender Difference

    The best leaders, female and male, rely on both their feminine and masculine traits. But their behaviors are still viewed through the lens of gender and women still pay the price.  Viniar will help you develop a blueprint to achieve success: devising a strategy, developing a good support system and above all, staying true to your values.  

    Leading Change

    When you have a clear vision but “they” are digging in, it is essential to understand why. With past successes and failures to guide her, Viniar shares hard earned wisdom on leading organizational change.  

    No Tin Cups: How to be a Successful Fundraise

    Belief and passion make a difference, as does having the courage to break the mold. Viniar challenged the “boys” and her small, rural, inexperienced college was the richer for it. She shares vignettes and lessons learned during a major gifts campaign.    

    Creating Conversations

    As a moderator, Viniar asks probing questions that encourage dialogue - and debate – among panelists. She creates stimulating conversations among the experts and facilitates productive Q&A sessions with the audience.

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  • Breaking Barriers
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  • No Tin Cups: How to be a Successful Fundraiser
  • Creating Conversations
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