Barry Asmus, Ph.D.
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Barry Asmus, Ph.D.
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    Barry Asmus is a leading advocate of free market and limited government solutions to domestic and international business issues.

    Through keynote speaking engagements, Congressional testimony, and numerous publications, Dr. Barry Asmus has established himself as a leading advocate of free market / limited government solutions to a wide range of domestic and international issues. He argues for substituting a consumption tax for the income tax and Medical Savings Accounts for Medicare. A proud free-marketer, Dr. Asmus’s presentations reveal how current issues in the information economy and e-commerce can be formulated to create effective options for businesses and organizations operating both at home and abroad. Reflecting the effectiveness of his presentations, USA Today recently name him as one of the five most requested speakers in the United States.


    Dr. Barry Asmus speaks, testifies, writes and consults on political and business issues facing America. He was named by USA Today as one of the five most requested speakers in the United States.


    Barry was twice voted the Outstanding Professor of the Year, as well as honored with the Freedom Foundation Award at Valley Forge for Private Enterprise Education.

    As the Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis, Dr. Asmus does not just speak on policies -- he is also involved with their implementation. He has testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on switching from an income tax to a consumption tax; was a featured speaker in a privatizing Social Security Conference for Western European leaders held in France, and has recently returned from an engagement speaking as part of the faculty for the Young President's Organization in Cape TownSouth Africa. His Fall 2001 appearance at the Forbes' Chateau de Balleroy in France with former Czech Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus, members of the British Parliament, and other Western European leaders will focus on the importance of public policy decisions in Europe and how they might meld with the global economy. Barry has debated members of former President Clinton's Administration on making American health care competitive using Medical Savings Accounts. He is a strong advocate of free market/limited government solutions.

    Dr. Asmus likes to explain the economic concepts needed to navigate the evolving network economy to worldwide firms like Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM and a host of other audiences. Based on durable free market economic principles, his presentations apply the current issues of the information economy to help decision-makers formulate informed and effective choices in a global, e-commerce world

    The Best Is Yet To Come
    When Riding a Dead Horse, for Heavens Sake...Dismount! is Barry Asmus? look at the challenges of the information age - business, government, education...


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