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Bart Conner
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    Bart Conner is one of the most accomplished gymnasts in America, having won told medals at every level. He won two gold medals in the Olympics Games in Los Angeles, one for his participation on the US team.

    Bart began his career in a local YMCA program, and won his first Junior National title by the age of 14. Three years later he became the youngest gymnast ever to win the U.S. Gymnastics All Around Championship, and one year later he qualified for his first of three Olympic Games.


    "Standing on the podium at the Olympic Games was an experience that has come to define my life. My teammates and I had all come from very different backgrounds but, as a team, we accomplished something that none of us could have done alone."

    Just seven months before that day, Bart's world was shattered when his left biceps muscle ripped loose from his shoulder. He had six months until the Olympic trials.


    "When it happened, I knew instantly that something was terribly wrong. Sure, I was scared, but I remember thinking that my Olympic experience was going to be that much sweeter because I would make a terrific comeback. It never occurred to me that I might not make it."

    At the Olympic trials, Bart proved that positive thinking pays off when he won the last spot on the team.

    "Our performances in Los Angeles were spectacular -- every man pulling his weight, turning in solid routine after routine. By the time the team competition was over, the six of us had combined to become the best gymnastics team at the Games and America's first team champions since the 1904 Games in St. Louis. After so many years of anticipation, I couldn't hold back the tears. It's hard to smile and cry at the same time, but I did it." 

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