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Bob Wells
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    Bob Wells is the creator of "Mental Floss" and he believes that people learn best through humor.
    Bob Wells' presentations to business audiences live the basic lesson he offers: that humor can be a surprisingly successful tool in developing a spirit of creativity in a company. Moreover, he says, humor can be indispensable in achieving successful communication, stress control, presentation skills, motivation, and just about every other aspect of business life. And when a company finds itself facing difficult times, nothing will help it weather the crisis better than a good laugh now and then. Bob Wells has dedicated himself to the value of laughter for many years now. He's the founder of the World Humor Organization and established Denver's famous improv-based performance center, the Chicken Lips Comedy Theater. His performance at your next event will have your people rolling in the aisles, then returning to more serious matters with a refreshed creative energy and positive feeling about themselves and the enterprise they're part of.

    Robert “Bob” Wells and The World Humor Organization present presentations that demonstrate the brilliance of laughter as an innovative means to achieve successful results in creative thinking, communication, teamwork, stress control, customer service, presentation skills, spontaneity and flexibility, change and transition, motivation, and other areas of professional and personal development.  

    Chicken Lips' entertainment presents customized music and comedy performances for businesses, associations, and private events.  

    Bob Wells is the founder and president of the World Humor Organization, Inc. (WHO), and Chicken Lips Entertainment in Denver, Colorado. Bob is a theatrical producer, director, actor, choreographer, writer and teacher, and has worked with the area's major performing arts organizations, including the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Central City Opera, the Colorado Symphony and the Colorado Children's Chorale. He is the owner of Chicken Lips Comedy Theater, Denver's original and acclaimed improv-based theater.  

    For five years Bob co-hosted Chicken Lips on the Air!, a comedy/talk show heard on Denver's KHOW radio. He is co-author of Murder Most Fowl, the popular audience participation comedy mystery, now in its 12th year. 

    As a motivational speaker and presentation coach, Bob Wells has few equals. He has delighted audiences of all ages and has found the corporate audience as receptive to his material in “Mental Floss” as any other group.
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