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Bodine Balasco
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    Bodine Balasco is a corporate magician in high demand. His central theme is the magic of learning.

    When it comes to choosing a keynote speaker for your event, it would be hard to imagine a more unique choice than Bodine Balasco. He’s a magician who uses his sleight-of-hand skills, combined with a heavy dose of humor, to capture the rapt attention of his audiences. Intertwined with it all are his insights into human behavior and how understanding people’s behavior plays such a key role in the success of any business. A central theme is the importance of learning, what he calls “the magic of learning.” As a tribute to Balasco’s success with audiences, a major association of management consultants recently gave him a 10+ rating on their 5-point scale. Now that is something truly magical!

    Bodine is academically trained in public speaking and human behavior with degrees from UCLA in Speech Communications and Social Psychology. While attending UCLA as a scholarship athlete, Bodine also earned honors as team captain. 

    Shortly after graduating from UCLA, Bodine became fascinated with the art of sleight-of-hand magic. He immediately immersed himself in his newfound passion. Six months later he was making his entire living as a professional magician. 

    Over the past 20 years Bodine has accumulated an adventurous entertainment background, and in the process he has become one of the premiere sleight-of-hand entertainers in America. His peers, at the world famous Academy ofMagical Arts, have nominated him "Best Sleight-of-hand Magician of the Year." His magical skills are equaled only by his ability to make his audiences laugh. For three years in a row, members of the Academy of Magical Arts have also nominated Bodine as the "Best Comedy Magician of the Year". 

    But it wasn't until he was invited to create and deliver his first keynote speech, fourteen years ago, that Bodine found his true calling in life. He received a standing ovation after that first speech, and he's been at it ever since -- writing, researching, and creating tailored presentations for his client groups, nationwide. 

    His academic training, multifaceted background, and years of research have given him an extraordinary knowledge of human behavior and human achievement. Bodine has achieved national-class success as an athlete, as a professional magician, as a speaker, and a seminar leader. His client list reads like a page from the Fortune 500 -- AT&T, Mitsubishi, ARCO, 3M, Warner Bros. Television, DuPont and Boeing, to name a few. And his clients all agree Bodine possesses an insightful understanding of the principles for business success in the changing business environment. 

    Bodine delivers his information and insights with an entertaining showmanship that makes his messages unforgettable, and truly makes learning fun. 

    Bodine will capture your group's imagination and create a room full of laughter. He'll energize your group and focus them on "the magic of learning." 

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