Brian Haggerty
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Brian Haggerty
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    Brian Haggerty has the rare ability to teach, inform, and influence people while simultaneously making them laugh and boosting their self-confidence. His smooth, but powerful voice captures the attention of audiences immediately, while his dynamic and thought-provoking talks create lasting impressions, and have made Brian a successful public speakers.

    Since 2005, Brian has served his local New Jersey community in the role of Commissioner of Public Works, and as Head of the Department of Public Affairs. Through consistent goodwill, honesty, and humor, Brian has proved himself a unique and positive force in his community, capable of engaging minds, and inspiring hearts.

    During his many years in politics, Brian's countless public speeches have led the charge toward positive change, and irrefutably improved the lives of people in his community. Brian believes however, that any natural talents for public speaking were passed down through his family. From an early age, he loved to hear stories of his grandfather, a New Jersey attorney whose courtroom manner was so dazzling, that people would take the bus to the Hackensack Court House just to witness him try a case. His father (who also worked tirelessly in government) was also a tremendous public speaker, while his mother (a school teacher of four decades) perfected his grammar, and fine-tuned his manners.

    The key to Brian’s success, not only as a public speaker, but as a politician and businessman, lies in his unique ability to:

    -Inspire and motivate people to be the best they can be.

    -Empower each and every individual, from all areas, backgrounds, and ages, with the gift of who they are and how they can do anything they wish.

    -Illuminate before audiences the great value of civility and the importance of how we present ourselves publicly.

    -Demonstrate with kindness, how each one of us has a responsibility to conduct his or herself with graciousness, compassion, strong character, and a respect for all people.

    A generous and engaging raconteur, Brian shares stories, anecdotes and personal experiences from his life to demonstrate how each principle he teaches has shaped and formed his approach to these ideals. While his personality and delivery is similar for all audiences, stories and experiences are chosen to perfectly fit the audience being addressed.

    Brian believes that effective business leaders can learn to refine themselves, expand their knowledge of social and business etiquette, improve upon their communication skills, develop charisma, presence, and strengthen self-confidence for any social or business setting.


    Some of Brian Haggerty’s most popular programs include:

    The Master Speaker Workshop  Learn common grammatical errors and misused expressions, how to use your voice as an instrument of action and power, and how to motivate others so they follow your lead. Brian also shares his "Ten Keys to Effective Communication" during this workshop.

    The Master Networker Workshop  How to make an entrance, get noticed, shape a powerful presence, foster conversation, and leave a lasting impression. Attendees will also learn how to dress for success and build strong, lasting relationships for personal and professional growth. *This program is excellent for sales teams and entry level employees.

    Ace The Interview  Whether you are interviewing a new job or meeting for your annual review, Ace the Interview will go a long way in helping you make the most of your opportunity. Brian's program helps attendees properly prepare for interviews with confidence, anticipate questions, and provides valuable tips about how to dress and follow up to make a lasting impression.

    Dine Like a Dignitary  Learn good table manners to impress business prospects, colleagues, friends, and family. In this program Brian demystifies one of the oldest and most symbolic of traditions, dining. He offers a hands-on experience and insight ranging from how to respond to invitations to how to be seated, place an order, pass table items, to billing and tipping, and so much more.

    The Executive Club Workshop  Designed for executive power players to further shape and strengthen their presence, this workshop provides some of Brian's most popular learning programs from the Master Networker and Master Speaker workshops into one day of learning. Attendees will find out how to strengthen their public profile, shape a powerful presence in business and beyond, and foster conversation that leaves a lasting impression. Brian will also offer valuable style advice, demonstrate how to use your voice as an instrument of action and power, and teach the ins-and-outs of motivating others so they follow your lead.

    Brian also offers intensive one-on-one training programs for executives, CEOs, and political candidates.

    In addition to these popular programs, Brian is also available to customize a workshop to meet your organization's special needs.


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  • The Master Speaker Workshop
  • The Master Networker Workshop
  • Ace The Interview
  • Dine Like a Dignitary
  • The Executive Club Workshop
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