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Charlotte Stallings
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    Charlotte Stallings has worked for years to help regular people understand and successfully manage their financial lives, with a special focus on women and families. She brings to this effort an extensive background in investment and business management combined with a remarkable ability to use everyday language to convey complex finance issues. Her goal throughout is to help people succeed and realize their dreams.

    Charlotte Stallings is the President and CEO of Getting Smart! LLC a professional speaking, training, and consulting firm that shows people how to get smart about money, selling, and success.

    A former Vice President of Investment Strategies, she developed a national initiative to provide investment and financial planning advice geared specificall to women. She served as the firm’s National Spokesperson on Women and Investing Issues.

    Charlotte gained expertise in the nuts and bolts of business: sales, marketing and leadership for her years at powerhouse corporations such as US Banks, Xerox and over 20 years at American Express. By taking risks, making mistakes and gathering information, Charlotte Stallings grew into the kind of expert that you can trust.

    Charlotte has a knack for sharing even the most complex business and investment concepts in a thoroughly understandable way. As a member of the “sandwich generation” – baby boomers charged with caring for themselves, their children, and their parents – Charlotte is acutely attuned to the financial needs and challenges facing today’s families. Her goal is to help people understand money and investing, and show them how to structure their financial lives and investment portfolios to achieve their dreams.

    Charlotte holds Series 7 and 63 NASD securities licenses, and earned a bachelors degree in business and communications from the University of Minnesota.

    Charlotte has made appearances on CNN and other national and regional media outlets

    Charlotte is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and she serves on the Board of Directors for the Houston NSA Chapter. She resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and young daughter.

    Charlotte’s book, I Wish Someone Had Told Me: Financial Lessons Learned The Hard Way, was published in 2006.


    I Wish Someone Had Told Me

    Today many people look wealthy on the outside, but they spend all they make.  They drive their money, wear and live in their money, but they have no money.

    A recent USA Today article mentioned a deceased woman whose annual income never exceeded $20,000, yet she left several million dollars to a local college.  How could that be?  She understood that it wasn't about how much she brought home each pay period, but rather how much she kept.  I wish someone had told me, early on in life, that it’s not what you make, but what you keep.

    Not only did I stub my toe on this financial lesson, but many others.  This program reviews the key money mistakes that I’ve personally made or observed first-hand.  The objective is to help you avoid the same pitfalls and move from mindlessly spending your money, to saving and growing it.

    Here are a few additional lessons I cover:

          1.  Credit Without Discipline Is Disastrous

          2.  Do Sweat The Fine Print

          3.  The Joneses Don’t Care

          4.  Keep Your Stash In The Right Place

          5.  Budget Isn’t A Cuss Word

    I guarantee you will leave with several tactics that you can immediately implement to LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS and create a wealthy future at the same time.

    Where You Start Is Not Where You'll End Up™

    We all have learned to navigate through life's external challenges and yet sometimes the biggest hurdles to overcome are simply the things we say to ourselves. Stop the damaging self-talk by resolving that your yesterday does not dictate your tomorrow. The past is only a story!   Change the message; change the outcome!   This program shows you how to step up and achieve your goals by making up your mind to:                                                           

    •  Recognize your boundaries.   

    •  Find and implement solutions.

    •  Commit to performing steps one and two over and over again until you achieve success!

    What Do You Bring To The Table?™

    A critical meeting with a senior bank executive early in Charlotte's career set her on a course of personal discovery, to understand what she had to 'bring to the table' to be successful in sales, life or anything else. What do you 'bring to the table?' This program will help you:

    •  Learn what incredibly successful and talented people "bring to the table" every single day to achieve their goals professionally and personally.  

    •  Identify that specific value that only you have to offer a company or project?                                      

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