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Christer Holloman
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  • Social Media
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    Christer Holloman is the Head of Digital Product Development at The Times and The Sunday Times, expert commentator and resident blogger at Sky News Tech Talk, author of the Amazon Bestseller The Social Media MBA published by Wiley and Chairman of First Tuesday, UK’s largest network for high growth technology SME’s and their investors.


    The Evening Standard, Europe’s largest regional newspaper, named Holloman one of London’s Most Influential Individual Within New Media.


    Apart from his contagious energy, entertaining and ‘aha’ filled presentations as the many testimonials confirms, what makes Holloman unique as a speaker and moderator is that he lives and breathes real digital innovation and delivery for a living.


    He won’t be providing theories but instead real facts as well as tried and tested hands-on advice.


    Responsible for the digital product strategy of one of the world’s most well-known media brands, as well as regularly discussing innovation with leaders of digital start-ups and global enterprises, he is in a unique position to appreciate corporate constraints, and ways around it, as well as spotting future digital trends today, new business models and new opportunities. He is very much looking forward to share this insight with you and your audience.


    Holloman is regularly hired by corporates to address their clients and senior management at conferences and kick-offs to inspire and excite the attendees with new ideas they can apply to their own business or department. Most of all delegates will leave the room feeling great about the organizers. Clients include Fortune 500 companies across the EMEA region such as Ogilvy, Panasonic and Nokia.


    His previous extensive consulting engagements include advising North American VC firms and work with and for brands like Microsoft, Yahoo! and Daily Mail.


    Outside business hours Holloman is committed to encourage young people to explore their entrepreneurial potential and has been named Volunteer of the Year by Young Enterprise (Junior Achievement). He was recognized with an award by Prince's Trust for creating an online community for entrepreneurial university student.


    Holloman studied BSc Business Management at the University of Umeå in Sweden and Postgraduate Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.




    Holloman tailors topics and content to suit your overall objectives and desired outcome with industry specific case studies, data points and interactive exercises (as appropriate). The sessions can take the form of a keynote or master class (10-180 min). Some of the most popular topics include;


    * The Future Of Social Media – B2C/B2B Monetization, Strategy and Delivery

    * The Most Important Digital Trends Right Now And What To Make Of Them

    * The Key Strategies Now Being Adopted By Successful Digital Entrepreneurs

    * Intrapreneurship - Creating A Culture Of Enterprise Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    * Holloman’s Inspiring Story - From The Garage To Gobal


    The Future Of Social Media – B2C/B2B Monetization, Strategy and Delivery

    Target Audience: Leaders of digital SME’s & corporates, any industry


    Almost every business today has a Facebook page and Twitter account but should they? It is time to take a step back and evaluate the success and revise the strategy to ensure social media works more effectively for you. In this session the audience will get new tools to evaluate and develop their strategy and delivery and new ideas for how to monetize these channels.


    Sample content:

    ·         Ways to improve your approach to social media strategy development and delivery

    ·         How to calculate your ROI of Social Media

    ·         How to create a socially connected enterprise

    ·         Inspiring examples

    ·         Case studies


    The Key Strategies Now Being Adopted By Successful Digital Entrepreneurs

    Intended target audience: Leaders of digital SME’s, any sector


    Get the helicopter overview as well as some deep dives into what agile and innovative SME’s are doing around the world to maintain their market growth in the current economic climate. This session is designed to share best practices and empower the audience with new ideas they can deploy in their own organizations.


    Sample content:

    ·         How to rethink sales and marketing from the ground up

    ·         Best way to assess your employee base for right-sizing and the right skill-set for future growth

    ·         Why partnering differently with channel participants can create new win-win relationships

    ·         Inspiring examples

    ·         Case studies

    The Most Important Digital Trends Right Now And What To Make Of Them

    Intended target audience: Leaders of digital SME’s & Corporates, any sector


    We know that the digital landscape is always evolving and that it is changing at an increasing speed. By staying informed you can stay ahead. This session will not only highlight the key trends at play but also methods to evaluate and leverage them in your business.


    Sample content:

    ·         How to translate trends in one industry to yours to get ahead

    • Evaluate trends relative importance for your business
    • Understand your position in today’s market, and anticipate how your customers’ buying behavior will change going forward
    • Fortify your ideas so that you focus more on strategic initiatives instead of tactical necessities
    • Data science and “Big Data”

     Intrapreneurship – Creating A Culture Of Enterprise Entrepreneurship

    Target Audience: Corporates, any industry


    In this interactive presentation based on in-depth research Holloman will take you and your audience on a guided tour behind the scenes inside of some of the most innovative companies. You’ll discover their secrets for building innovation into a powerful source of growth, profits, and competitive advantage.


    Sample content:

    ·         Simple methods for dramatically improved thinking, decision-making and problem solving

    ·         Unconventional ways to turn innovation into a systematic, imbedded process, and be stimulated to take action in your firm.

    ·         Unleash innovative thinking in all departments and functional areas to challenge conventional procedures and processes

    ·         Inspiring examples

    ·         Case studies


     Holloman’s Inspiring Story - From The Garage To Global

    Target Audience: Leaders of digital SME’s & corporates, any industry


    Holloman stretched his entrepreneurial wings for the first time as a 10-year old when he attempted to become a retailer for LEGO. He started among other things a Rent-A-Santa operation and an advertising agency in his teens. His enterprising breakthrough came at the height of the IT boom in 2000 when he sold a local social networking site to an investor for an undisclosed amount only 6 months after he had launched it.


    This is the story of how Holloman went from projects in the garage to projects on a global scale with First Tuesday, his books and consulting work.


    Sample content:

    ·         How corporates respond to a 10 year old entrepreneur

    ·         Why Santa Clause is a lucrative franchise

    ·         Using school equipment to set up a business

    ·         Setting up a company while in the army

    ·         Inspiring examples


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