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Clyde Fessler
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    Clyde Fessler, retired Vice President of Business Development for Harley-Davidson Motor Company, was with the company for 24 years, and has played an integral part in their dramatic turnaround.

    Fessler joined Harley-Davidson in 1977 as the Advertising and Promotions Manager, and soon was promoted to Director of Marketing Services. In that position he lead the establishment of Harley Owners Group, which now has over 500,000 members and is the largest enthusiast club in the world.

    As General Sales Manager in the early 1980s, he established new policies and programs, many of which are still in effect today.

    As Director of Licensing, Clyde created a new business that has received national recognition enhancing the brand to the general public as well as adding substantial financial value to Harley-Davidson.

    As Vice President of General Merchandise, he repositioned the rider accessory department and led the MotorClothes team from $20 million in annual sales to over $100 million in a period of five years.

    In the role as Vice President of Business Development, Clyde played a key role in developing strategic direction for the company.

    Clyde is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. He served on the Board of Trustees for the American Motorcycle Association and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. He also served as an active liaison between the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Harley-Davidson ... a relationship that has generated over $60 million in donations since 1981.

    Clyde retired from Harley-Davidson in early 2002 and is now active as a consultant and motivational speaker. He enjoys fulfilling his dreams by exploring the world on one of his six Harley-Davidson motorcycles, with his wife, Joan.

    Clyde Fessler is a dynamic speaker with a powerful presentation, demonstrating genuine passion centered on a much admired brand and the experiences of motorcycling; its attributes of freedom, adventure and individuality appeal to people across a wide variety of demographic segments.

    Presentation Outline

    Clyde's presentation captures the Harley-Davidson turnaround story and adds mystique... the ability of the brand to bring together, in unique and surprising ways, seemingly disparate combinations of products, people, processes, and experiences.

    The presentation addresses re-inventing the business with specifics on:

        * Building a brand

        * Customer bonding

        * Satisfying customer expectations

        * Changing the image of the company

        * The business process

        * Creating the vision

        * Creating the mission

        * Defining goals/objectives

        * Define strategies

        * Staying on track

        * Creating the "passion" at the corporate management level as well as the employee level

        * Changing the culture of the organization through a business process

    As a proven, experienced, successful marketing strategist, Clyde will motivate your audience and help direct them to a renewed, heightened level of achievement to reach your goals with pride through a focused business plan including team playing.

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