Dale Irvin
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Dale Irvin
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    Dale Irvin is a very funny speaker. He is also an author, actor, and widely televised comedian. But speaking is what Dale does first, foremost, and incredibly well.
    In addition to 100 national TV appearances, Dale has appeared in concert with Jay Leno, Paul Anka, The Four Tops and The Temptations.

    Dale has received the two highest awards professional speaking presents through the National Speakers Association. In 1988 Dale earned the designation of CSP, Certified Speaking Professional; and in 1995 was given the highest recognition of CPAE, Council of Peers Award for Excellence. Dale is one of only 67 speakers in the world to hold both of these titles.

    Dale is the author of Laughter Doesn't Hurt and publishes Funny Business, a monthly humor newsletter with international distribution.

    Dale's programs include: 

    "Laughter Doesn't Hurt" This speech is more like a one-man show in which he demonstrates the healing power of laughter in such a hilarious way that the audience should be illness-free forever.

    "Five Minute Funnies" Imagine having a comedy monologue presented to your audience once or twice a day based on what has just happened! Dale can do it, finding humor in every meeting and social function. His material is clean, intelligent, and timely. This is a one-of-a-kind presentation.

    "Custom Put-On" Dale is introduced to your audience as anyone from the new vice president of sales to the junior senator from Montana. Together you decide on a character and Dale will create a program that will confuse and baffle the audience until they catch on and enjoy the fun. Dale has even performed this program in the character of a woman... and a darn good looking one at that.

    "Power Thinking" This three hour creative thinking seminar delivers solid creative thinking techniques in a fun and memorable way. It is a very unique break-out session.

    "Time Is On Our Side" Many people have covered the subject of time management but never in such an entertaining way. This is a half-day seminar.
    "The Corporate Challenge" Dale has developed his own game show which is used to reinforce information your audience has learned during the course of the meeting. It is full of laughs and is a very fun way to learn. Dale Irvin is a smart savvy guy with a button-down style and a way of finding humor in just about everything. He laughs at life... and life, in return, laughs with him. 

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