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Darrell Green
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    Darrell Green has had an amazing NFL career, playing in three Super Bowls. His career as a professional football player is an inspiration to many.

    There are many who think he is the best at one of the toughest positions in football. He is regarded as a sure bet for the Hall of Fame. Yet, Darrell Green's greatest accomplishment is his service to God. Mr. Green runs the Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation in Washington, D.C. He is reaching out to hurting and troubled young people in a real way with the love of Jesus Christ, which is making a real impact on these kids' lives.

    The program, run by his foundation, concentrates on things like reverence for God, respect for fellow students and adults, and the resolution of conflicts in a non-violent way. The bottom line message is Jesus. When referring to what motivates him to keep his focus on supporting the program and not making football number one in his life, he says, "...I know what my motivation is - that I decrease and Christ be glorified." 

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