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David Rendall
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  • Effective Leadership
  • Discovering Uniqueness
  • Management Practices
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    David Rendall is setting management thinking on its head with his ideas for management practices that discover uniqueness and flaunt weakness. As a boy, David was told he’d never amount to anything because he couldn’t sit still, he was a terrible listener, and he wouldn’t stop talking. He listened to the criticism, did his best to sit still, stop talking and listen, and studied counseling psychology. The result? He was unhappy, unsuccessful and never worked as a counselor.


    So David started the Freak Factory, realizing that his supposed flaws were actually strengths. Now he’s standing up and talking for a living, and he’s spoken to over 200 organizations large and small in the last couple of years about how to get the most out of yourself and your employees.


    How do you do it? You turn your organization into a Freak Factory. You put people to work doing what they’re best at and stop trying to fix their flaws. In fact, their flaws are important clues to their strengths.


    In his blog, his books, his DVDs, and his speaking, he shows audiences how to lead people in ways that bring out their potential rather than trying to make them conform to a standard they’ll never meet.


    David Rendall is a speaker, author, consultant and entrepreneur. He earned a doctor of management degree as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology. In 2004 he founded Rendall & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in leadership development and strategic planning. Previously, he managed non-profit enterprises that provided employment for people with disabilities. He is the author of The Four Factors of Effective Leadership. His forthcoming book is The Freak Factory.

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  • Helping People Get Better By Allowing them to get Worse
  • Four Factors of Effetive Leadership
  • Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness
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