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David Zach
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David Zach is a business speaker that has worked with thousands of corporations.  He is one of very few people to possess a Master's Degree in Studies of the Future.

David Zach is one of the few professionally trained futurists in the United States, with a master¹s degree in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston­Clear Lake. As a futurist, Dave has worked with over 1000 corporations, schools and associations offering insights on the personal and professional impact of strategic trends. As a speaker, he guides his audience on an entertaining, futuristic tour of technology, economics, business, education, and society. Dave gets his facts and ideas from a daily study of books, magazines, newspapers, coffee shop discussions, and on-line explorations.

Dave previously worked at Johnson Controls and Northwestern Mutual Life in the roles of environmental scanning and strategic planning. He has also taught Future Studies in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin­Milwaukee.

Dave is a member of the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center Advisory Council, Future Milwaukee Advisory Board, Rotary Club of Milwaukee, the Medical College of Wisconsin Council, the Global Trends Committee for the Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, the Irish Fest Strategic Planning Committee, and the Milwaukee Forum, a leadership group for discussion of community concerns. He formerly served as chairman of the Goals for Greater Milwaukee 2000 Education Committee and co-chair for Design Milwaukee.

Of course, every program is different, based on the needs and concerns of the client. The Owner's Guide talk is entertaining, with an emphasis on launching the conference and conversations. Strategic Futures is packed with content for those needing to connect the bottom line with the horizon. The two workshops offer a choice between lively give and take vs. hands-on learning of the skills and tools of a futurist.

Keynote #1: "An Owner's Guide to the Future"

The power of the future is in its ability to inspire the present. From the age of knowledge and a wireless economy, to the importance of grandparents in the future, David weaves our heritage, tools and commitments into a very promising tomorrow. Blending humor, a friendly style and a deep belief in the importance of the personal, he draws people in, helping them to realize the professional and personal implications of the trends. As a keynote, his talk is a momentum builder that gets and keeps people thinking about the future in a positive way. By the end of the presentation, people are on the edges of their seats, eager to talk with each other and apply what they've just experienced.

Keynote #2: "Strategic Futures"

If you're an owner, a manager or a free agent, you need to know both the bottom line and the horizon. With an emphasis on the practical, Futurist David Zach gives you a down-to-earth look at the strategic long-term trends: from the rise of intelligent money and elegant knowledge, to management implications of virtual workplaces and an emerging generation with little trust for those in charge. If you need to do some deep thinking about choices, forecasts, and probabilities, let one of the few professionally trained futurists be your guide to the future that's waiting for you.

Workshop #1: "Ask the Futurist!"

This is a unique opportunity for you to join futurist David Zach in a lively conversation on the ideas and trends from his keynote. Join us as we talk about the practical and intriguing implications of these trends for your life and work. Please bring your notes, questions, concerns, and imaginations to class.

Workshop #2: "Taking the Future Home: Strategic Tools & Skills of a Futurist"

Yes, you too can be a futurist! Join futurist David Zach and learn the skills, tools, and ideas that build a stronger sense of confidence for the 21st century. Topics include: so just what is a futurist?, exploding the myths of futurism. long-term vs. short-term thinking. the value of skepticism, the importance of play and humor in strategic planning, and the difference between fads vs. trends. Hands-on techniques include how to do an implications wheel, cross-impact analysis, and scenario writing. Resources useful in future thinking will be presented. Prerequisite: concern and hope for your future.


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An Owner's Guide to the Future
Strategic Futures
Ask the Futurist!
Taking the Future Home: Strategic Tools & Skills of a Futurist
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