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Dick Durrance
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    With stories and images from photographing National Geographic assignments, global advertising campaigns, and the National Parks, Dick explores with your audience three ideas on how they can embrace the changes they encounter as opportunities to grow and be who they want to be:


         1. Never stop searching for your natural talents and, when called upon to make a change, tap one of your talents and develop it into skills with unrelenting tenacity.


         2.  Venture out of your comfort zones and connect with people in other walks of life, people who can expand your horizons.


         3.  Journey into your core to where you can distinguish between your wants and your needs. That way you can harness your natural talents to your core values.


    What you take away from the talk is this thought: change is inevitable but your destiny is not locked down. You decide how you are going to respond to change: you can let it overwhelm you or you can embrace the change as an opportunity to grow. That is what champions do. That is what thought leaders do. That is what you can do!


    Dick's father, a legendary ski champion, taught him that very few people will ever be lucky enough to actually be a champion but everyone can dream like a champion. Like a champion, everyone can choose to be best that they can be, even if they are not likely to be the best in the world.


     As William Jennings Bryan so famously said: "Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice."

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