Don Hutson
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Don Hutson
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    Don Hutson has been helping people do better by giving them the skills they need for more than 30 years. He gives business professionals real solutions that they can use along with energizing them into action.

    Audiences are captivated and entertained by Don’s personal anecdotes, used to drive home the business solutions he offers in his presentations. Participants leave each of his presentations on-track and focused, with new skills, attitudes, and ideas that work at the “street level”. Don’s books, tapes, and other resources are brimming with usable, take home, everyday advice and skills for success. While he has earned a reputation as a motivator, Don provides more than a “cheerleading” session. He empowers audience members with skills and cutting edge strategies needed to succeed in today's business environment.

    In preparation for each presentation, Don does extensive research into the needs and opportunities of your company or organization. After you complete a pre-program questionnaire, he is available to discuss your objectives and needs; his plans for the presentation goals work closely with your technical audio and video staff, be available to his introducer, be on time for his presentation, and be appropriately dressed and ready to go.

    Don Hutson is the recipient of the following awards and honors:

    • Past President, National Speakers Association
    • Cavett Awards (NSA Member of the Year)
    • 1999 Consummate Speaker of the Year Award
    • SMEI’s International Speaker Hall of Fame
    • St. Jude Hospital Humanitarian Award
    • Member, Speakers Roundtable
    • CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)


    The One Minute Entrepreneur

    • The “Four P’s” for Solid Results (Passion, Profit, People, Priorities)
    • How Differentiation helps you be their best choice
    • The Keys for Success in Business
    • The  Attributes of Entrepreneurial Leaders
    • How To Turn Success Into Significance
    The High Performance Selling Edge

    • Learn the latest cutting edge selling skills & strategies that make clients say WOW!
    • Relationship Selling: Keys & Strategies that build immediate rapport
    • How to be Outstanding!  The 6 Keys to differentiation to BLAST by your toughest competitors
    • Re-margin your Profit Zone: Build Value-rather than cut price!
    • Do you have what it takes? Attributes of consistent high performers
    Twenty-first Century Leadership

    • Creating a break-through high performance team
    • 5 Powerful Leadership Strategies that Work
    • Coaching – Gold Medal focus for Outstanding Results
    • The Secrets of Exceptional Managers : Managing Different People Differently
    • Leadership Style: Earning Loyalty from Top Producers
    The Art of Selling Different People Differently

    • Developing your Personal Power: 4 Keys to Understanding Human Behavior
    • The “A” Factor – The key to high productivity  
    • Personality Plus: How to project an authentic image of excellence
    • How To Attract and Retain Profitable Customers The philosophy of Abundance: 4 Steps to Boundless Market Share


    Motivation to the Max!

    • Learn to tap into our greatest Source of personal power
    • The KEY to getting and staying motivated
    • Information Overload – the 3 “P”s to your Personal best
    • Discipline Dynamics: Finding the key to personal excellence  
    • What is a “Contented Achiever” and how to become one?


    Keeping Customers Happy for LIFE!

    • Developing Customer Centric Service Strategies
    • Wow your Customers – Performing Customer Service Miracles!
    • How to provide EXTREME customer care
    • Meeting & Exceeding the 10 New Consumer Service Demands
    • Building & Developing your own USP – Personal Branding


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  • The One Minute Entrepreneur
  • The High Performance Selling Edge
  • Twenty-first Century Leadership
  • Keeping Customers Happy for LIFE!
  • The Art of Selling People Differently
  • Motivation to the Max
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