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Donna Strickland
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    Donna Strickland is a nationally acclaimed speaker and organizational development consultant.

    Her programs, including Leadership, Laughter and Lightness of Being, Saving Your Life amp; Career, Leadership in the 21st Century, Laughter Matters and Overcoming Terminal Seriousness, have received standing ovations around the country.  

    Not only is Donna an outstanding motivational speaker, she is well known for the transformational work she does with organizations as a consultant. She goes the distance with companies, walking side-by-side with them as they integrate the change and transition process, create effective leaders, and leverage talent to elevate performance. Donna's hallmark is doing powerful proprietary consulting that offers organizations the opportunity to undergo profound shifts, creating a fluid environment that is responsive to change, committed to its mission, its people and its long-term success.  

    She is also a certified Change and Transition Management Consultant and was among the first fifty people in the world to become accredited in the Emotional Competence Inventory. Donna has a Master of Science degree, an RN and the NSA's highest designation -- that of Certified Speaking Professional. She works as a team development and leadership consultant in a range of industries, including health care, technology, communications, aerospace and finance.  

    Donna is President of the Denver-based management consulting firm, The People Connection. She is a coach, national speaker, and organizational development consultant with over ten years experience and 1,000,000 workshop participants to her credit.  

    Donna's clients have included The Mayo Clinic, CoorsTek, American Hospital Association, NASA, Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technologies, Texaco, AT&T, Continental Airlines, Methodist Hospitals, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, ACX Technologies, Voluntary Hospitals of America, Merrill Lynch, and the United States Dept. of Interior, the United States Air Force, and hundreds of healthcare organizations around the country. 


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