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Dr. Peter Salgo is an Emmy Award winning Health and Science Correspondent. He is the host of Second Opinion, the National PBS Television series dramatizing medical decision-making. He has spoken before hundreds of professional and lay audiences, and is also known for his written work.


He served as the Health and Science Correspondent for WCBS-TV in New York, the CBS Network Affiliate, for more than two decades.  He has anchored the CBS Radio network broadcast Healthtalk, the CNBC Network broadcast America’s Vital Signs, and the syndicated broadcast Healthcare 2000.

Dr. Salgo is the author of “The Heart of the Matter” published by Harper Collins in January 2004. He has toured the country explaining the recent advances in heart attack prevention that promise to end premature death due to heart disease.

He has covered the war against Heart Disease, the dawning of the Age of AIDS, The deciphering of the Human Genome, and the development of Retin-A. He has chronicled the news about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fetal Surgery, and the Space Program. He pioneered the concept of investigative medical journalism. His story exposing the terrible working conditions in the Pym Thermometer Company in Brooklyn lead to the indictment and conviction of Pym management.  He broke the news that child safety seats, though approved for use in Airliners by the Federal government, were in fact potentially lethal and the FAA had data to prove it. Long Island New York residents who opposed Doppler radar installations in their neighborhoods had to explain their position to Dr. Salgo. He has exposed bad doctors, illegal abortion clinics, and drug pricing scams.

Dr. Salgo hosted the eclectic Science and Health focused talk show “The Doctor is In” on eYada.com. “The Doctor is In” featured the only daily look at medical and science news analyzed by an expert in the field and debated by the newsmakers themselves.

Dr. Salgo is one of this country’s most respected health professionals. He has spent most of his medical career on the front lines of the Heart Disease War. A Professor of Medicine and Anesthesiology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, he maintains a full time practice in Intensive Care Medicine in the Open Heart ICU at Columbia. He is a Director of Surgical Intensive Care at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and Chairman of the Inter-ICU Committee. He specializes in the pre and postoperative treatment of heart patients, heart transplant recipients, and artificial heart candidates.

Dr. Salgo was on duty in the ICU at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital on September 11, 2001 and since then has taken an active interest in the nation’s bioterrorism defense efforts.

Dr. Salgo travels the country speaking about Heart Disease, the Future of Health Care, Ethical Issues in the ICU, The Economics of Health Care in America, bioterrorism preparedness and Personal Responsibility in Managing Your Own Health. He attends academic meetings nationwide and anchors nationally broadcast teleconferences.

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