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Dwayne Goodrich
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    Dwayne Goodrich, former Dallas Cowboys defensive back, truly knows the consequences of a tragic mistake and the power of redemption. He achieved his lifelong dreams- college football national champion and millionaire NFL athlete - only to lose it all in six seconds with one fatal car accident. Now, he aspires to positively impact others with his story - the importance of choices, the severity of consequences, the hope for redemption, and the opportunity for change.

    Dwayne emerged from his hometown of Chicago to become a star cornerback at the University of Tennessee, honored as the Defensive MVP of the 1999 Fiesta Bowl and winning the BCS National Championship. In 2000, he was selected as the top draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys. Shortly after his third pro season, his life unraveled in one moment.

    Driving home on a Dallas highway, Dwayne approached a fiery crash scene. Swerving to avoid another accident, his car instead collided with three men attempting to help, resulting in two deaths and a permanent injury. He was convicted of criminal negligence and served six years in prison, where he learned to forgive himself and formed his vision to inspire and redeem others.

    He was released on parole in 2011, and has begun to realize his vision. He has created the Dwayne Goodrich Foundation, which reaches out to at-risk children and mentors athletes of all ages through football camps and community service. All proceeds from Dwyane’s speaking engagements go toward the victims of the accident, supporting education, and creating scholarships for children with incarcerated parents.


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