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Eric Kaufmann
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    Eric Kaufmann guides leaders to make better decisions and achieve better results. A native of Israel, he lived and worked in South Africa, before gaining two decades of experience in sales, management and leadership at Lanier/3M and Corning Clinical Laboratories. In 1999, he launched an executive development consultancy which has served Sony, T-Mobile, Genentech, Alcon Labs, Teradata and many senior managers of Fortune 1,000 companies.

    Along with his real-world business experience, Kaufmann brings a range of other skills and perspectives to his keynote speaking and management consulting. He is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist and a certi?ed master scuba diving instructor. He is an adjunct professor teaching leadership at San Diego State University and Cal State San Marcos, and is a speaker with Vistage International. Kaufmann is a lifelong practitioner of Zen meditation who once spent a year in silent meditation, living in a cabin he built himself in a remote area of New Mexico.

    Kaufmann’s book, “Leadership as a Hero’s Journey,” explores the four traits shared by successful, passionate and creative business leaders. The book describes how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety in order to improve the lives and livelihoods of those around them.



    Leadership as a Hero’s Journey: Four Virtues for Transforming Uncertainty and Anxiety into Results

    Leaders are accountable for results. And, leaders face unrelenting uncertainty on the path to results. Courageous leaders leverage obstacles and uncertainty, and build engaged teams in which people are both powerful and empowered. This presentation is a call to arms. It shares practical ideas and tools that deepen your ability to be a leader that is effective, efficient, and deliberate; a leader whom people are drawn to follow.

    True Grit: How Effective Leaders Instill Passion and Perseverance

    What do Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Mark Zuckerberg, and Lady Gaga have in common? They all  dropped out of college. But they are also deeply passionate and have tremendous   perseverance. Success comes in all shapes and forms; but all successful leaders have courage,  conviction, and grit. Failed leaders share this – they lack true and powerful conviction in their ideas, and they are unable to keep going when they are tired, frustrated, or disheartened. This presentation shares practical tips and tools for developing grit in self and others.

    Winning is Bad Leadership – Growth through Collaboration

    This research based program teaches leaders how to stop competing with their people, stop promoting silos, and start applying knowledge and tools that build world class work places and results. With smaller teams but bigger goals, leveraging the best out of each team member is a must, not a should. Leaders need an actionable framework for collaboration with which to deal through daily challenges, and keep the organization moving cohesively toward improved results.

    The Paradox of Leading: Why Black and White Thinking is Fatal

    While your mind craves simple solutions, leadership demands complex calculations. Leaders are valued by their decision making, especially the difficult ones. This presentations examines the essence of effective leadership – navigating the paradoxical world of satisfying multiple stakeholders. A simple yes or no may be desirable, but unrealistic and inappropriate. So, how do you make good decisions, add value at an executive level, and strategically contribute to the organization? By learning to embrace paradox!

    What is an Executive? – Executive Mindset

    Career success came from focus efforts in a single direction; from looking vertically down towards project completion. However, success as an executive depends on stewardship – taking care of the whole organization. An executive mindset projects in three dimensions – vertically, horizontally, and through time. Any executive who thinks that she is the champion of her functional area will not only falter in her work, but damage the company. This presentation is a guiding process for developing and sharpening your executive mindset.

    Meditation for Meat Eaters (and Vegetarians, too) – There’s No Such Thing as “blank mind”

    Meditation practice – learning to direct the mind and hear that heart – cultivates focused attention, better decision making, compassion, and enhanced emotional intelligence.

    This is not just the promises of ancient sages from India, this is now science. This presentation is dedicated not to blanking the mind, but to directing and optimizing it. Trying to stop thinking is like trying to stop the heart from pumping. The heart pumps and the mind thinks. This presentation is a practical application of meditation for improved leadership.


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  • Leadership as a Hero’s Journey: Four Virtues for Transforming Uncertainty and Anxiety into Results
  • True Grit: How Effective Leaders Instill Passion and Perseverance
  • Winning is Bad Leadership – Growth through Collaboration
  • The Paradox of Leading: Why Black and White Thinking is Fatal
  • What is an Executive? – Executive Mindset
  • Meditation for Meat Eaters (and Vegetarians, too) – There’s No Such Thing as “blank mind”
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