Eric Lowitt
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Eric Lowitt
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    Eric is committed to sustainability. His hope is that one day every company will take action to restore the environment and support social equity and development.

    In the meantime, Eric is doing all he can — through his writing, coaching, and speaking engagements — to bring awareness to these critical issues. He’s a sought-after speaker and he consults with companies to achieve sustainability and competitive strategy goals.

    What makes Eric unique in his field:

    ·        Author of The Future of Value, published by Jossey Bass. It’s the story of how sustainable market leaders are embracing sustainability to create value for their stakeholders — for today and tomorrow. Eric is currently working on his second book.

    ·        The Future of Value was named a 2011 Business Book of the Year nominee. 

    ·        Named as a Top 100 Thought Leader on Trustworthy Business Behavior for 2012, Eric’s work is regularly featured in the Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Wall Street Journal.

    ·        Significant business experience as a consultant and strategist makes Eric pragmatic and ‘results oriented.’

    ·        Author of more than 25 articles relating to sustainability and competitive strategy.

    ·        While working at Accenture’s Institute for High Performance, Eric headed the development of the company’s first sustainability research program. He interviewed executives from a variety of industries to understand their sustainability commitments and efforts.

    ·        While most consultants focus on “going green,” Eric’s focus has expanded sustainability to competitive strategy, social equity, and business growth.

    Eric is fluent in Japanese and is an avid baseball fan. He lives outside of Boston, MA, with his wife and two young children.


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