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Fran Tarkenton
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    Fran Tarkenton likes to talk about the realities of failure and how one must take the disappointment of failure and spin it into success.
    A legendary sports hero and phenomenally successful entrepreneur, quarterback Fran Tarkenton led the Minnesota Vikings to three Super Bowls. After his football career ended, he went on to run 12 businesses earning between $1 million and $142 million in annual revenues. Tarkenton has tasted failure as well as victory. He is a turn-around champ who shows audiences how to use their own setbacks as fuel for come-back success. Founder of, giving business owners access to news and resources, he offers hands-on insight into the global economy, late-breaking technological advances and the ever-changing needs of the consumer. A member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and author of What Losing Taught Me About Winning, he is a motivational superstar.
    Fran Tarkenton brings to the speakers platform a life of tremendous experiences in competitive situations, his unique viewpoints on what American organizations and businesses must do to remain competitive in a global marketplace, his real-world experiences and examples in the new age of information, and his always engaging and entertaining speaking style make him a compelling and illuminating consultant and speaker.
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