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Gary Lundquist
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    Gary Lundquist has a masters in geophysics and has joined Sierra Geophysics, a company doing classified research for the Department of Defense.

    In 1981, he discovered that software developed during government research was of keen interest to the oil industry for modeling of exploration seismology; so he started a software group within Sierra to transfer the technology from government application to meet the needs of industry. 

    By 1984, Gary was the vice president charged with design, technical development, and marketing of software products to the oil industry. He opened and expanded markets worldwide, developed win-win alliances, acted as customer advocate, developed marketing communications, and helped Sierra earn a place on the INC 500 list of fastest growing American companies. His products still enjoy nearly 100% market share after more than 14 years, even though Sierra no longer exists. 

    Gary founded Market Engineering in 1989 to help technical professionals achieve greater success by adding marketing tools to their scientific and engineering tool kits. Though initially focused on commercial technology companies, he quickly found a second home working on technology transfer from private, government, and university research organizations. This, in turn, has led to a strong focus on marketing the capabilities and products of scientists and engineers, especially R&D. 

    His methods apply broadly to the marketing of value as implemented in ideas, capabilities, technologies, products, services, teams within organizations, and organizations themselves. 

    As a scientist he designs programs to work with the strengths of technical professionals. Scientific hypothesis testing can be confromtive, so few hypotheses are raised. Instead questions are asked that rapidly lead to decisions by taking advantage of the technical professional's natural tendency to brainstorm to solutions. That is, he facilitate success by asking, not telling. 

    In his consulting he uses the team approach to rapidly reach decisions through intense but practical team brainstorming. Because of his breadth of experience, he asks questions and introduces marketing sophistication that might not otherwise be considered, yet each team remains in control by determining its own results. 

    Gary Lundquist seminars parallel the consulting approach and are dynamic, active, fun, and full of useful concepts, methods and tools. 

    Those who meet Gary are impressed with his commitment to delivering value to his customers. He believes in facilitating rather than lecturing and in participative teamwork more than structured training. His enthusiasm is infectious, rapidly convincing his listeners of the importance of marketing to survival in today's high-tech world. 

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