Giovanni Livera
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Giovanni Livera
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    Giovanni Livera found his "passion path" in life when he was seven years old and performed his first paid magic experience at the age of 10.

    While in his early twenties, he produced and performed an entertainment concept for the Orlando Magic NBA franchise that filled the stands with fans and established him as both a superior showman and innovative entrepreneur.

    Today, Giovanni is a High Energy – High Demand - World Class Corporate Motivator. Traveling the globe for almost every Fortune 1000 corporation, and blending his unique style to create the message you want your audience to absorb and remember. His passion for life and boundless creativity are the mediums through which he shares his powerful messages.

    In addition to his latest printed experience, Live A Thousand Years, Giovanni has authored two other books and was recently inducted into the prestigious National Speaker’s Hall Of Fame. He is also only one of six people in history to have received the coveted Gold Cups Award by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

    For many people, the past imposes limitations on who they are in the present. For Giovanni Livera, his heritage is the foundation for who he is today and the legacy he is creating for future generations.

    Giovanni is a celebrator of human spirit and human potential - a creator of meaningful experiences that transform people’s lives through the understanding that anything is possible.

    He is a revealer of secrets – who if asked, will show you how it is possible to live a thousand years by living each hour of your life to its very fullest.

    Giovanni is an entertainer who is both the messenger and the message. He is an American entrepreneur whose achievements inspire others to achieve. Giovanni is at once a performer and a presenter, enthusiast and entertainer, magician and motivator.

    From past generations, Giovanni has inherited a profound respect for the power of individuals to create their own future. His unparalleled showmanship evokes the magnificence and grandeur of P.T. Barnum; his imagination, wonder and dramatic use of invention are reminiscent of Walt Disney; and his irresistible humor, contagious laughter and ability to connect with audiences on a personal level are suggestive of the levity and intimate sincerity of Red Skelton. It is from the contributions and legacies of performers like these that Giovanni is creating a legacy for future generations to draw from.


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