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Glenn Llopis
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    Glenn Llopis' career is characterized by a consistent ability to believe in and conceive a compelling vision with the passion to achieve the impossible. His success story is a anthology of resilience, endurance and accrued wisdom. His expertise in new venture and strategic alliance is a product of great mentors and hands-on experience as a corporate officer, consultant and entrepreneurial brand owner. In him, charm, grit and tenacity merge into one person who demonstrates loyalty and honor in every engagement. Glenn is a new school entrepreneur who regards character, innovation and social responsibility as the most essential components to success.

    Glenn has a gift for promoting the best in people. He consistently achieves the impossible and has delivered profitable long term results - well beyond his years. His experiences include being the youngest Senior Manager in the 100+year history of Sunkist, Vice President of a $1 Billion International Norway Seafood Company at 30, and dozens of successful entrepreneurial ventures over the last 10 years, each time exceeding expectations.

    Through his vast experience, Glenn has gained multi-industry knowledge for large, medium and smaller corporations. According to Llopis, "As a successful business leader, you are constantly faced with vigorous competition. A good competitor respects your efforts, and will look to steal from your success; challenging you to stay sharp and creative. Unhealthy competitors have hidden agendas; they seek to hurt your reputation or destroy your credibility. Therefore, you must always find the time to protect any new venture, regardless of the size, with a powerful credibility protection plan. If a venture isn't worth aggressively protecting, why are you doing it in the first place?" It is this sort of insight that Mr. Llopis acquired when spearheading: 1) the North American reintroduction of Sunkist's branded fruit juices & beverage; 2) the successful & profitable corporate merger and integration endeavor at Norway Seafoods and; 3) the design of trademark licensing and distribution ventures for ConAgra Foods, Conservas San Miguel, Pied-Mont Dora Inc., E.D. Smith Inc. and Savory Sensations, LLC.

    Glenn is a charismatic, action-oriented and approachable leader. His Cuban roots give him an enthusiasm and passion to use his breadth and depth of experience to keep corporations and entrepreneurs from getting lost in the today's demanding market. Mr. Llopis' entrepreneurial approach to business and life derives from the transcendent wisdom of his father, Cuban immigrant and renowned Latin crossover musician Frank Llopis, who following a successful music career, went on to become one of the co-creators of Miller Lite. Glenn combines this holistic entrepreneurial approach with the "classical corporate training roots" from his fast-tracked years at the Gallo Wine Company. He is thus skilled at integrating these entrepreneurial and corporate disciplines to help cross-cultural management teams identify new world demand drivers, then establish action plans to secure long-term and profitable results.

    "Glenn's new venture approach is about making people believe that their investments are secure and strategies attainable. His preparation is thorough and his ability to create thought provoking ideation is tremendous. I can assure you that Glenn will make you think of the impossible and will work closely with you to assure your risk profile and its elements are sound prior to implementation."

    -J.J. Abraham, Vice President, Development and Acquisitions

    Legacy Partners Residential, Inc.

    Career Highlights

    Glenn is a dynamic leader with proven skills in new venture formations throughout three continents with special emphasis in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Western European markets. Mr. Llopis offers excellent consensus building, organizational and negotiating skills. He specializes in managing high level client relationships and leading new venture and equity development programs. He is flexible, innovative, decisive and action-driven. Glenn possesses a high-impact motivational management style. He participates in industry and business community councils and actively serves as a columnist, advisor board member and speaker.

    Speaking Topics:

    Earning Serendipity in Your Business: Achieving Good Fortune During Uncertain Times

    Glenn's most popular address is not only a comprehensive overview of the Earning Serendipity methodology, but a compelling vision of how a company can succeed in today's unpredictable marketplace. Glenn punctuates his message with illustrative tales of some of America's great success stories, and draws deeply from the colorful lore of his family's native Cuba. This is a breathless hour that will hold the audience rapt, and leave them with a solid foundation for creating an environment to propel the entrepreneurial spirit.

    Learning to See Your Business with Circular Vision

    Opportunities are most often missed because they are not recognized. In this Keynote, Glenn teaches the skills necessary to see "around, beneath and beyond" the obvious, and how to profit from a Broadened Observation. Incredibly rich in thought and detail, Glenn will help you open doors that you've possibly never considered. He will show you how you can get more from your present workforce, and reap new rewards by changing the way you view your circumstances.

    Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds and Managing Innovation

    Great ideas are so rarely executed and thus innovations never flourish, because so many people do not understand how to make the move from idea to execution. With a strong focus on the Entrepreneurial Spirit necessary to compete in the modern world, Glenn uses this keynote as a vehicle for teaching not only how to be an innovator, but how to take action toward giving your ideas life and how to shift the odds of success in your favor.

    Growing Seeds of Greatest Potential

    In any business we sow Entrepreneurial Seeds and hope for them to grow to riches. The trick is in learning how to differentiate the roses from the dandelions. Glenn outlines in detail how to manage those ideas that offer the most significant opportunities while nurturing those ideas that carry longer term promise.

    The Marriage of Social Responsibility and the Modern Workplace

    There are two prevailing truths in the modern world, which most businesses have yet to completely come to terms with: First, that for many of your present and future workforce, that their employer should work beyond its core in order to help better the world is central to their ethos. And, second, incorporating a sense of social responsibility in your workplace isn't just the right thing to do; it's good for the bottom line. Glenn discusses practical ways in which any business can "Share the Harvest" of their good fortune, and reap the rewards for years to come.

    Trust Your Brand

    Most companies, like most people, keep an eye on the horizon, but allow themselves to be distracted in the here and now. Glenn teaches how the flotsam and jetsam of the day-to-day can distract an organization from making progress on the paths they've detailed for success. Learn not only how to chart a course toward your prosperity, but how to best utilize your assembled talent and resources to navigate that path adeptly.

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  • Earning Serendipity in Your Business: Achieving Good Fortune During Uncertain Times
  • Learning to See Your Business with Circular Vision
  • Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds and Managing Innovation
  • Growing Seeds of Greatest Potential
  • The Marriage of Social Responsibility and the Modern Workplace
  • Trust Your Brand
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