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Graham Foster
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    Graham Foster is an accomplished author of MoneyMath, an innovative system that has made him an International expert in sales and customer service.

    CEO at age 35, Graham has a Sales/Profit presentation that will improve ANY Corporate Bottom Line! He shares easy-to-implement, proven strategies that have been refined in over 3,750 high-energy presentations worldwide in 181 cities in 44 Countries on all 5 Continents.

    College Graduate, Master Mariner (Offshore) and Private Pilot, Graham shares his totally unique ‘MoneyMath’© based profit-improving ideas with over 200 corporates on 5 continents, many of them the ‘Who’s who’ in International business. He graduated from Sydney Technical High School, then from the University NSW (engineering), and finally from the Sydney University/Moore College with majors in Education & Theology.  He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) with National Speakers Association, qualified instructor in MS PowerPoint; Louis Allen Management Course; Xerox PSS sales skills.

    CEO of a $1.0 Billion Retail Company, a $0.9 Billion Chain-store Group, and a $300 Million Chemicals Company, Graham has obtained the experiences necessary to take companies to the next level.  He also served as Marketing Director of an International Electronics Company  & Global Transport & Logistics Company.

    Graham is the author of “The Power of Positive Profit”, being published by John Wiley & Sons in its second edition 2006. He is also the author of “Where the rubber meets the Road: SERVICE!” (2005).

    Sales/Profit Keynotes with MoneyMath©:

     “Lift the Bottom Line!”: How to SELL for IMPROVED PROFITS”

     “Make more money Now: Profit Improvement with MoneyMath©”

     “Its time to Kick Butt!: NEGOTIATING profitable Selling PRICES”

     “Your Real Key to Profit:  SELL PERCEIVED VALUE”

     “The whole 9 yards: Why LONG-TERM PROFIT is Necessary”

    “Maximize your Bottom Line: How to Get BETTER MARKET PRICES”

    “Sales Management: PRICE SETTING TACTICS to Keep the Team Happy”


     “Breaking Marketing Traditions: LIFT YOUR MARGINS NOW!”

     “Get it from the CEO:HOW TO WIN IN A PRICE WAR”

     “Get Your Customers Coming Back with 11/10-24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE”

     “They’re Killing Us!: COMPETE AGAINST LOW PRICES”

    “Increase Margin on every Service call: VALUE ADDING for Technicians”

     “BREAKTHROUGH LEADERSHIP: How to Build Great Results” 

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