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James Ray
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Customer Service
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James Ray is a principal expert in the science of success and the power of an entrepreneurial mindset. He has devoted almost two decades to studying success factors, and gives audiences these advanced strategies for accelerating results in the areas of sales, service, personal achievement, and team performance.

James shares the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset to lasting success in today's market.

After achieving top recognition at AT&T for sales, management and leading their national telemarketing operations, James moved on as a master trainer with the AT&T School of Business and to establish a four year alliance with the Stephen Covey Leadership Institute. 

James has since established his own consulting practice and is the developer of The Science of Success, a series of easy-to-learn, proven methods and skills that produce outstanding, consistent results in all areas of life. Companies like Dow Chemical, AT&T, Acura, Nikken, RE/MAX and numerous others have profited from and embraced James? unique message and methods.

In addition to the production and development of his products, personal coaching and management of his own business enterprise, Mr. Ray conducts more than 75 days of keynote presentations, corporate training, and seminars over the course of the year. James was recently awarded the coveted CSP designation, the highest earned honor in the speaking profession. Less than 8% of the professional speakers and authors in the world have received this honor. The secret to Mr. Ray's success is his ability to take the seemingly complex and break it into manageable, understandable and memorable strategies for improvement. 

James and his company, James Ray International, are committed to helping individuals and organizations who want to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and accelerate their business growth

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  • The Science of Success
  • Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Sales Mastery in the New Market
  • Positioning Yourself to Own Your Market
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