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Jeff Evans
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    Challenge and discovery draw Jeff Evans like a magnet; and in his adventures, he sees powerful lessons for the world of business. Perhaps the best known of his exploits was his leadership of the team that helped a blind man, Erik Weihenmayer, climb to the top of the world, to the top of Mt. Everest. From this and numerous other experiences, Evans draws lessons that can transform the life of any individual or organization: the power of leadership, the importance of detail and focused preparation, and the necessity of real commitment. First and foremost, he inspires and motivates audiences to believe in themselves and their abilities; and to be willing to risk failure in order to achieve success.


    Jeff Evans grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where a sense of adventure and curiosity was cultivated early on, carrying Jeff around the globe in search of challenge and discovery.


    Having established himself as one of the nation’s most respected mountaineering guides, as well as a highly sought after motivational speaker, Jeff’s phenomenal story incorporates many stunning images from his global adventures.  As the primary climbing guide for blind climber, Erik Weihenmayer, he tells of the hard work and exceptional communication skills necessary to allow them to achieve seemingly impossible feats by guiding Erik successfully to the tops of mountains all over the world, including the summit of Mt Everest.


    Whether hanging from a helicopter on a dangerous search and rescue mission to save stranded climbers, or guiding the Duchess of York up a rock face, Jeff has achieved success on every level and brings his lessons to the corporate world.   Drawing on many of the metaphors hidden in the world of adventure and bringing them to his audience in a humorously inspiring way, Jeff’s messages are potent and tactile.  He demonstrates how critical it is to focus on detail, embrace small successes, and disregard the expectations others create in order to achieve your own potential.


    Jeff has been featured on The Today Show, CNN Live, Nightline, ESPN, and Good Morning America, as well as in such publications as Time, Outside, Climbing, and Trail Runner Magazines.  Jeff is also a main character in the outstanding documentary, Farther Than the Eye Can See, directed by award winning filmmaker Michael Brown.  Nominated for two Sports Emmy Awards, this film lends an intimate look inside that historical ascent of Mt. Everest by a blind climber.


    As the audience is captivated by Jeff’s rich storytelling style, his power themes of Leadership, Teamwork and Commitment are effortlessly infused.  His goal is to inspire and motivate listeners to believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish the impossible, be willing to risk failure in order to achieve success, and move toward their goals well prepared and ready for the challenge.


    From the summit of Mt Everest and back to the boardroom,

    these messages inspire and motivate audiences of all types.



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