Jeff Salz
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Jeff Salz
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  • Leadership
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Jeff Salz is an expert in cultural anthropology. His deep curiosity and determination have led him to personal experiences and research in the field, and his basic and positive message is that life is an adventure.

A deep curiosity about the uniqueness of the human experience led Jeff Salz into the field of cultural anthropology. Over the years, he has lived with Tibetan tribesmen, traveled the Andes on horseback, and explored lost cities in the Amazon. He sees little difference between the challenges of this kind of life and the challenges that confront the leadership of businesses and corporations. Salz weaves these themes together in multimedia presentations that combine powerful photographic images and tales of his epic journeys with parallel adventures faced by corporate leaders and managers as they navigate the volatility and unknowns of the business world. Jeff's basic and highly positive message is that life is an adventure no matter what we do.

Jeff Salz is a cultural anthropologist who has lived his dreams. He has lived with the tribesmen of Tibet and the nomads of Outer Mongolia. He's traversed Southern Patagonia and explored the lost cities of the Amazon. Now he brings this same spirit of adventure to the workplace and to individual minds and hearts.

A consummate storyteller, Jeff blends tales drawn from a lifetime of incredible excitement and exploration into a program that inspires organizations and individuals to find the adventurer within.

Not everyone can trek the Southern Patagonian ice caps or ride across the Andes on horseback. But Jeff believes in everyday heroes and "ordinary" adventurers. He knows that a front line manager has a mountain to climb each and every day. He reminds audiences, with his characteristic gusto and charisma, that our jobs offer the same promise of purpose, discovery and achievement. They require our deep humanity, endurance and courage, and thus, our most heroic selves.

Inspire your organization to alter course with Jeff’s compelling narratives of vision and change.

Jeff explains things in a way that is at once simple and profound. "I love life, I love the adventure of living and I enjoy sharing my excitement with audiences," he says. "My work is to encourage others to feel the same spirit of adventure and optimism about human nature that I experience every day. Businesses and organizations are the principal avenues by which we can effect that change. As more and more of us get excited about the 'business' of living, we really are changing the world." is information, based on years of experience and research, is inspiring and practical, upbeat and invigorating. He offers visionary new models for risk taking, organizational leadership and personal balance. Weaving together epic storytelling, mythology and breathtaking photography, Jeff's presentations show participants how to maximize their effectiveness in both their personal and professional lives.


Leading From the Inside Out

New times demand new kinds of leadership. Gone are the days of command and control, leaders whose authority stems from power and position. 

Leaders who lead ‘from the inside out’ connect employee fulfillment to the bottom-line through authenticity, caring and clear values. They are inspired personally and inspire others through example.

The Adventure of Change

During this presentation Jeff reveals his Six Steps to the Top- the lessons learned in over 30 years of exploration and expedition leadership.  He gives audiences the tools they need to be adventurous in their work and life using stirring tales drawn from the legends, myths and personal lives of people he encountered in remote regions around the world.

With award-winning photography AND music, Jeff’s presentation shows audiences how to redesign both their attitudes and their environments so they can face adversity with a sense of adventure!

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Watch "The Adventure of Change" on YouTube

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