Jennifer Webb
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Jennifer Webb
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    Jennifer Webb is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, author, consultant, trainer and coach, one of a prestigious group of women using magic as a technique to inspire, motivate and educate. She has helped thousands of businesses increase productivity by teaching people how to communicate and work more synergistically together. And she combines a high-energy, interactive format with innovative information (examples and statistics) and personal challenges (like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to get over her fear of height) to energize audiences worldwide.

    Author of four books on reaching potential, leadership and empowerment, her latest book focuses on the power of inspiring others by using Super Hero qualities, hence the book’s title, Zap! Pow! Kazam! 11 Super Powers to Change Your Career & Life!

    Founding Magic Communications in New York City 17 years ago, she has worked with hundreds of Fortune 100 and 500 companies, associations and organizations, teaching people how to build relationships through effective communication. Her credentials also include a Master Practitioner Certification in Neruo-linguistic Programming. Her client base ranges from American Airlines, Honeywell Space Systems (consultant for eight years) to Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and leaders in numerous industries.

    When she began her career she worked as a journalist interviewing a variety of notables including Orson Welles, Muhammad Ali and Ted Kennedy, and she worked three years on CBS Morning News, Reno affiliate, as a personal power coach. She also uses unique insights from her interviews when she speaks.


    She is executive director of a non-profit, the Shakespeare Animal Fund: Helping Pets & People in Need, an organization that helps low income, usually elderly and disabled, pay emergency veterinarian bills. The organization has paid out more than $250,000 so far, saving hundreds of pet’s lives and enhancing the quality of life for their owners. She reminds her audiences that Churchill said, "we make a living from what we get, and make a life from what we give."



    Creating a Hero Culture at Work: An overview of the amazing powers we have, this includes Super Hero buttons and can be given on any of the 11 Powers (including Serendicity - how to create our own luck, X-Ray Vision - how to see through the problem to solutions, and Omni-Linguistics - how to speak to anyone in their own language), from her latest book: Zap! Pow! Kazam! 11 Super Powers to Change Your Career & Life.

    The Magic of Kilimanjaro: Using Jennifer’s climb up Mount Kilimanjaro to look at how to handle adversity and create a mentality that helps one continue to reach goals no matter what the challenges. Great adventure story with wonderful strategies for the business world.

    Creating Real Magic: The Attitude that Sells: Using Emotional Intelligence and other tools and techniques to influence & develop leadership skills, this program is exciting, educational and empowering!

    How to Stay Motivated in a Changing Economy: Focuses on how to handle the anxiety of change, cope with stress and translate challenges into opportunities!

    Monster Lies: A Woman’s Guide to Controlling Her Destiny: Taken from her book with same title, this focuses on the Monster beliefs that cripple us and how to identify and change these beliefs to be successful!

    Success Means FIDO (Forget It & Drive On)!: This fun program teaches how to let go of anger, baggage and all the other “wrongs” we’re still attached to, in order to use our energy to be effective NOW. Taken from her book, The FIDO Philosophy. Books (with FIDO dogs) are available!

    Administrative Professional Series: Includes Stepping Up to Leadership, Communicating to Get Results & Managing Work Flow

    Making a Brilliant Impression Each Time You Speak: Tips on how to be a Persuasive, Powerful Speaker!



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  • Creating Real Magic: The Attitude that Sells
  • How to Stay Motivated in a Changing Economy
  • Monster Lies: A Woman’s Guide to Controlling Her Destiny
  • Success Means FIDO (Forget It & Drive On)!
  • Administrative Professional Series
  • Making a Brilliant Impression Each Time You Speak
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