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Jim Harris
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    Jim Harris is speaker, author, executive consultant and businessman. His research-based approach to leadership and organizational excellence placed him on the leading edge of today's greatest thinkers in business.

    In February 1999 Jim's book, The Learning Paradox was nominated for the Canadian National Business Book Award. Books for Business — the premier business book seller in Canada, listed it as one of the 10 top selling business books in all of North America. There are over 30, 000 copies in print. The book was released by Macmillan Canada in May 1998 and within its first three months hit the Canadian Bookseller Association's bestseller list for new business books. The Learning Paradox's basic theme is that "job security" as we knew it is gone. Individual and organizational security is now based on learning, changing and coping with uncertainty. Paradoxically these are what we as adults fear most!

    Association, the official magazine of the Canadian Association of Society Executives (CSAE), in its January 1999 issue featured Jim as one of North America's top speakers and best speaker bets for the century. Meeting Professionals International has also rated him as one of North America's best speakers — MPI's 1994 Professional Education Conference (the largest in MPI's history) ranked Jim's session in the top 15 per cent of all sessions!

    As a management consultant Mr. Harris, works with North America's best businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations aspiring to join these ranks. Between 1992 and 1996 Jim represented the Covey Leadership Center in Canada — teaching Dr. Stephen Covey's work, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to Canadian clients.

    Jim is skilled not only as a platform speaker, but is experienced in leading strategic planning sessions with executive teams. His thoroughly researched and individually tailored presentations focus on key leadership issues affecting all organizations. A gifted communicator, it is ultimately his obvious concern for people, and his commitment to increasing the individual and organizational security of his clients, that make Mr. Harris one of the most effective and sought after speakers in North America. His intensive, hands-on seminars range from three hours to three days. 

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