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Jim Jackson
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    Fueled by more than 25 years of executive leadership and sales experience, Jim Jackson inspires people to take risks and enables them to out-perform expectations with insights from his Awesome Power of the Harley Attitude event. Jim’s fun and positive style, rich stories and thought-provoking content inspire his audiences. Their takeaway: they thrive in this ever-changing global economy.

    A driving force in his executive background has been his time as president of the Temecula Creek Learning Center, a corporate team-building and leadership development facility where he has been the lead sales performance coach since 1994. Jim also shares insights gained as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Larry Wilson’s Pecos River Learning Center where he increased sales by 30 % in two years and as a cognitive science consultant for the Pacific Institute.                  

    The Awesome Power of the Harley Attitude event smashes the traditional meeting style of boundaries and expectations. The audience members jam to great rock and roll. While the audience is having fun in a relaxed mood they focus on the true factors that will make a difference in their careers and in their lives. It is the one event that people will remember for years to come because it marks the start of a new behavior.

    Jim has done performance consulting with clients including: Children’s Hospital, GE Capital, Toyota, Hewlett Packard, Disney, NADA, Frontier Ford, Ingram Micro, ADT Automotive, RainBird, Intel, Compaq, Pacific Life, Hughes Aircraft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Neiman Marcus, Adesa Auctions, Station Casinos, Courtaulds Aerospace, Benjamin Moore, Harrah’s, Dothan Motor Company, Corona Regional Medical Center, Manheim, and CIGNA, just to name a few.

    Jim teaches salespeople how to go as hard as you can, with all you can, as far as you can. It’s all about confidence, belief & performance designed to equip people for the challenges of our economy.

    The Awesome Power of the Harley Attitude

    Definition of The Harley Attitude: Going as hard as you can, with all you can, as far as you can. It’s all about Confidence, Belief & Performance. An exceptional salesperson is confident that they can succeed in any market, anticipates the curves in the road and is focused on the finish line. Does this sound like your sales team?

    The Harley Attitude event inspires confidence to take risks - enabling salespeople to out-perform expectations. His insight sheds light on the key steps it takes to stand out and put distance between them and the competition so they can own the market. Each participant learns three actions they can take immediately to live it, work it, and be the Harley Attitude.

    Imagine your sales force working and living the Harley Attitude!

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