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Joe Calloway
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    Joe's client list reads like a "Who's Who" in business. From Saks Fifth Avenue and BMW to American Express and IBM, a wide range of companies depend on Joe for insight into today's marketplace.

    Joe Calloway is a performance expert who helps companies align people, culture, and strategy to drive results.

    He is the author of four ground-breaking business books including the best-selling Becoming A Category of Onewhich received rave reviews from The New York Times, Retailing Today, Publishers Weekly and many others.   

    Joe is a guest lecturer at the Scarlett Leadership Institute, and has served on the faculty of the Center for Professional Development at Belmont University.

    Although Joe has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, he doesn't do traditional "speeches."  Instead, Joe actively engages people in highly interactive keynotes and workshops that challenge assumptions and create new ways of thinking.

    Popular Keynote: 
    Be The Best At What Matters Most
    The High Performance Mindset
    Here is the goal of this presentation:

    "You pushed us to think beyond our typical boundaries and challenged   us to take our business to new heights."  Ed Quinlan - HRI

    Be The Best At What Matters Most - The High Performance Mindset - is about what the greatest companies in the world have in common: mindset.  Mindset is an established way of thinking...a way of looking at things.
    The high performance mindset is a way of thinking about your business, and it's the difference between extraordinary companies and average ones.  When you change your mindset, you can change everything, including performance, results, and growth. 
    The ideas in Be The Best At What Matters Most - The High Performance Mindset are practical, real world, and can be implemented beginning tomorrow.  Regardless of the size of your company, you can use the exact same ways of thinking that enable companies like Apple, Zappos, and Southwest Airlines to drive and sustain extraordinary success.
    "To say you've changed the way we look at doing business is a massive understatement.  You have changed the way we do business completely, in understanding what we need to do in order to do things better."           Paul Rosser - R&D Consulting Ltd.
    In this interactive session based on Joe's new book, Be The Best At What Matters Most, and his classic best-seller, Becoming a Category of One, the takeaways include:
    * Simplify/Focus: If you can make things simple and focus on what really counts, you can move mountains.  
    * Excel: Win on what matters most to your customers.
    * Connect: The rational connection/The emotional connection - win on both and you win it all.
    * Improve: Everyone gives lip service to continuous improvement. Precious few actually do it.  The ones who do sustain success.
    * Act: Stop talking about it. Do it.  Action is the ultimate differentiator.
    Join Joe in an interactive, engaging session and learn how to create the mindset that drives high performance.
    "You gave us a blueprint to follow if we wanted to create a company      that defied comparison. You gave us ideas to help us markedly        improve upon how we do business."  
    Mike Gorlick, CEO - Zenith Marketing
    Alternate programs    
    Becoming A Category of One
    How Extraordinary Companies Create And Sustain Success
    Building Your Brand From The Inside Out
    The People Behind The Promise
    Category of One Leadership
    Aligning People And Culture To Drive Results
    (each of Joe's interactive presentations and workshops are personalized for the client and the goals of the event.)
    Why are all of Joe's keynotes and workshops "interactive"?  
    "Thanks to you over 500 strangers started exchanging ideas. The energy from the group was amazing." Dorota Ulman - Symcor Inc.
    "Joe made a huge difference in getting the audience engaged and enthusiastic about the event, which continued all week.  Resounding accolades."  Cinda Daly - HDI
    "Our group came to life with your interactive style."   Ed Quinlan - HRI 
    PCMA (Professional Convention Managers Association) says that the top meeting trend for 2014 is that "attendees want to be participants at events, not passive observers soaking up whatever is being served."  
    Joe engages people in ways that maximize the positive impact of your event.  Joe can also help with pre-event promotion and post-event resources (books, mini-books, and/or eLearning links) and continuing conversations, i.e. in online forums and discussion groups with your attendees.


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  • Be The Best At What Matters Most
  • Becoming A Category of One
  • Building Your Brand From The Inside Out
  • Category of One Leadership
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