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Joe Piscatella
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    Joe Piscatella is one of the nation's foremost experts on lifestyle habits, health and productivity. He uses the art of storytelling, contagious humor and decades of experience to deliver a powerful message that moves audiences to adopt healthier habits. And as one who underwent coronary bypass surgery at age 32 (and now, 31 years later, has experienced disease reversal), he offers a real-world perspective that audiences appreciate. Some two million people have attended his seminars.

    Successful organizations know that a healthy workforce is a competitive edge in today's global economy. Healthy associates are more productive, have greater peak-performance energy, are absent less frequently, and cost less each year in health care benefits. It is estimated that healthier lifestyles could save businesses over $1.6 trillion in annual health care costs between now and 2023.

    But let's get real: most people already know about the benefits of healthy eating, regular exercise, stress management and not smoking. But this doesn't mean they practice healthy habits. That's where Joe's educational and motivational programs can help.  It is not just about healthier employees, it's a smart business decision.

    "If companies want their people to live healthier, they have a responsibility to help them develop positive skills. Joe Piscatella supplies knowledge and motivation. He is a bridge to those skills." SALLY HASS, BENEFITS EDUCATION MANAGER WEYERHAUSER COMPANY

    Take A Load Off Your Heart

    Successful strategies for managing everyday stress

    In this era of too little time and too much to do, of increased career and family commitments, of crawling traf?c and never ending e-mails, Americans are living with chronic stress. Indeed, 89% of us say that the stress in our lives is overwhelming. The result is often high levels of frustration, anxiety and anger. Says one corporate manager, "I'm dropping kids off to school at 7am, racing to work at 8, in a grocery store at 5:15, answering e-mails at 9pm, and doing laundry till midnight. I'm always behind and never have enough time to do my best. I'm always behind. Weekends used to be for kicking back, now they're for catching up." In this presentation, Joe examines the impact of chronic stress on health, productivity and quality of life.   He helps audiences understand that the secret to a balanced life is not to avoid stress, but to manage it; not to react to stress, but to respond to it.  His program not only examines the sources of stress in modern life (including Type A personality), but it provides audiences with a variety of mental and physical tools to successfully manage stress every day.

    Eating Healthy In A DoubleBurger.Com World

    A step-by- step guide to healthy eating in the real world

    A balanced diet is critical for good health and increased performance. But how do you sort out what is balanced in a world of conflicting claims where fat and carbohydrates see-saw being in, then out, where a tablespoon of ketchup can contain a teaspoon of high-fructose corn syrup, where food supplements claim to be healthier than food itself, and where new weight-loss diet books appear weekly? In over three decades of successfully managing his heart disease, Joe knows fad diets from real science.  His sensible, realistic program offers basic principles for healthy eating, including cutting-edge methods on how to control your fat tooth. (That's right, fat tooth, not sweet tooth!). More importantly, he gives nutritional science real-life application. Audiences will learn how to read food labels to make smart choices at a grocery store, what the secret is to cooking healthy food at home (and having your whole family enjoy it), and how to handle eating in the company cafeteria or in a restaurant.

    Raising Fit Kids In A Fast World

    Strategies for overburdened parents and caregivers

    Raised in a world dominated by fast food, television and computer games, kids are more sedentary, overweight and out-of-shape than a generation ago. The typical 12-year old today weighs 11.7 pounds more than his or her counterpart in 1973. In the last decade the obesity rate in white children has increased by 50%; in Hispanic and African-American kids, it has doubled. The result: a generation of children with elevated cholesterol, higher blood pressure and more Type 2 diabetes. This may be the first generation not to live as long as their parents. What are parents to do? This seminar offers practical and easy-to-implement strategies for teaching children healthy exercise and eating habits that will last them a lifetime.
    Make Your Health Last As Long As Your Life

    Maximize health span as well as longevity 

    Just because you can afford retirement doesn't mean that you will have the quality of life to enjoy it. While a financial plan is important, a good health plan is critical. There is a difference between longevity, the amount of years you live, and health span, the number of years you live in good health. Two people, for example, each live to age 85. But while the first spends the last 20 years of life in a golf cart, the other spends those years in a wheelchair. Their respective longevity is the same, but their health spans are drastically different. In this timely program, Joe examines the eight lifestyle habits found in societies all over the world where people not only live longer, but also have extended years of good health. Learn what you can do now to maximize your "health span" and increase the number of years you will have good health.

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