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Joey Cheek
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    Born and raised in Greensboro, NC, Joey Cheek moved to Canada at 16 years old to pursue a most
    unusual goal for a small-town southern boy, that of winter Olympic champion. Ten years later it was
    mission accomplished, as Cheek won Olympic gold, silver and bronze medals and became World
    Champion in speed skating. Cheek’s gold medal winning margin of victory at the 2006 Olympic Games
    was the largest in history. He dominated the competition.

    It was then, at the press conference of his gold medal winning performance, that Cheek left an
    indelible mark on Olympic history as he silenced the room full of international journalists by refusing
    to speak about his victory. Instead, he spoke out on behalf of the suffering people of the Darfur
    region of the Sudan. He announced a personal donation of $25,000 (later raised to $40,000) and
    challenged the Olympic family of sponsors and fans to help these people in such dire need. He went
    on to raise over 1 million dollars.

    As a result of his humanitarianism and exemplary behavior both on and off the ice, Joey Cheek was
    elected by his peers to carry the American flag during the Closing Ceremony of the 2006 Olympic
    Winter Games. He was named the U.S.O.C. Athlete of the Year and received the 2006 U.S. Olympic
    Spirit Award for his demonstration of the Olympic ideals during the Games. At the close of the
    Olympics Cheek earned the crown jewel of Olympic sports endorsements, becoming the featured
    athlete on the limited edition Wheaties box. His efforts were later recognized by President Bill
    Clinton at the 2006 Clinton Global Initiative at the U.N.

    • “Cheek is an antitoxin for those who have been fed a steady diet of showboating,
    sniping, self-absorbed Olympians.” - Karen Krause, New York Times

    • “Cheek showed what happens when the Olympic torch falls into the right hands, when it belongs to
    someone who will use it to illuminate the world's problems and try to solve them. It's the most surprising, enlightening news conference I've ever seen.”- J.A. Adande L.A. Times

    • “The athletes of a nation line up behind Joey Cheek tonight. The rest of us should, too. He is the best of them, and the best of us, and we are all poorer if we do not fall in step.” – Gary Shelton, St. Petersburg Times

    Joey went on to Princeton University and has since graduated with a duel degree in Economics and
    Chinese. He then has founded the new media company which serves the collective
    fan bases of action, lifestyle, Olympic and Paralympic sports.

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