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John Amatt
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    John Amatt is a former school teacher, management consultant, and counsulting associate of the Banff Center School of Management. He is currently the president of his own company and on the visiting faculty in Kingston Ohio.

    John knows about tough times and the value of struggle in bringing out the best in teams of people! After all, he was a leader of an Everest team, which suffered four tragic deaths in two unpredictable accidents before putting six climbers on top of the world. His experience on Everest taught him about the danger of falling into the trap of complacency and the importance of always questioning the status quo in seeking new ways of succeeding in a rapidly changing world. He is the perfect speaker to assist your team in navigating through the turmoil of today’s global economic crisis. 

    He has over 25 years of mountain experience and has led expeditions to Arctic Norway, Peru, Nepal, China, Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic. He was expedition leader of Canada's first mountaineering expedition to China, which made a successful ski ascent of 24,757-foot Mount Muztagata in Xinjiang Province. As the Business Manager and a climber on Canada's first successful expedition to climb Mount Everest, Mr. Amatt was responsible for generating over one million dollars of funds and products required to mount the assault. As media spokesman during the climb, he regularly appeared on the CBC Journal and Canadian National News television programs as well as on ABC Nightline in the United States.

    Born in 1945 in Manchester, England, he emigrated to Canada in 1968 and became a Canadian citizen five years later. A professional speaker for many years, he has addressed over six hundred corporate and professional groups and an estimated 300,000 people.

    Currently, Mr. Amatt is coordinating the Sir Alexander MacKenzie "Canada Sea to Sea" Bicentennial Expeditions, an ambitious five year, $4 million dollar project which will retrace the route of the first crossing of North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. This journey, in replicas of fur trade canoes, will take place on the 200th Anniversary of the original explorations that occurred from 1789 to 1793.  

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