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John Sileo
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Identity Theft
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In 2003, John Sileo’s identity was stolen from within his business and used to commit a series of crimes, including $300,000 worth of embezzlement. While the thief operated behind the safety of John’s identity, John and his business were held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. Forced to defend his innocence, John spent two stressful years and $10,000 on a criminal lawyer to keep from going to jail.

During that time, John became an expert in identity theft prevention and mitigation strategies. The methods of survival he developed during this experience are the basis of his Award-winning book,Stolen Lives: Identity Theft Prevention Made Simple, and are responsible for the successful capture and conviction of his impostor. Stolen Lives recently won the #1 Business Book of the Year at the EVVY Awards.

As a professional member of the National Speakers Association, John delivers keynote speeches around the country to corporations, associations and consumers about protecting personal information and corporate data. Recent clients include Pfizer, Lincoln Financial Group, the Federal Reserve Bank, Principal Financial Group, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the North Carolina Association of CPAs, Prudential Real Estate, Fifth Third Bank, and scores of financial institutions, national associations and corporations. John has been featured recently on Money Matters Today, NBC, ABC and Fox.

John is the president of The Sileo Group, a 43-year-old corporation that provides consulting services to businesses that wish to proactively protect private information. Sileo trains corporations on how to quickly detect and deter data theft and financial fraud on all rungs of the corporate ladder (from the mail-room to the boardroom). 

John is a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to New Zealand and graduated with Honors from HarvardUniversity. He lives happily at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with his amazing wife, two spirited daughters, acoustic guitar, and Cairn terriers.

Think Like a Spy: Information Survival Skills

The biggest threat to our identities (and to valuable corporate data) is our lack of a Privacy Reflex. Few of us have ever been trained to respond appropriately when someone requests our sensitive information. Think of how easily you give your information away on the Internet when someone promises you a free gift. This presentation will give your audience the fundamental building blocks to proactively protect valuable information assets. The result is a safer individual with strategic privacy skills that protect your organization's bottom line.

To bridge the gap between personal protection and professional privacy, Think Like a Spy can be paired with one or more of the profit-focused add-on components below.


Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach: Extinguishing Privacy Hotspots

Identity theft and corporate data loss are a huge financial cost and legal liability to corporations and organizations. It is imperative in the information economy to train your work-force on how to protect those information assets, whether they are digital, physical or intellectual.


7 Sins of Social Networking: Controlling Information Over-Exposure

In the realm of social media and social networking, your organization will either control, or be controlled. The sooner you develop a strategy for dealing with this digital venue for human relationships, the smarter and safer your organization will be from the fraud and data loss that occurs in the process.


Your Financial Institution as Hero: Protecting Customers against Identity Theft

No one is in a better position to educate individuals about identity theft prevention than financial institutions. Not only do they have the “financial ear” of their clients, but they have a responsibility to protect their customers and members from this highly financial crime. This speech applies to banks, credit unions, insurance companies, brokers, financial planners, accountants, etc.


Getting What You Want: Weapons of Manipulation & Tools of Influence

Now, more than ever, knowledge is power - once you can identify the tools of persuasion being used against you, your vulnerability drops radically. The benefits are immediate, whether you are buying a used car, evaluating a potential date, hiring a new employee or discipling your teenager. In this speech, discover how to avoid manipulation so you can positively control the outcomes in your life.


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