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John Travolta
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    John Travolta is the true definition of true Hollywood success.

    Success has her suitors, many only acknowledged in passing. But even among the longstanding variety, only a few have been granted the illustrious, 'second chance' in Hollywood. John Travolta is riding high on the winds of a new public faith, a resurrection in tinsletown. In Travolta's latest endeavor he stars in Warner Brother's "Swordfish" opposite Hugh Jackman (X-men's Wolverine) and Halle Berry (X-men's Storm, appropriately enough). At the recent New York screening, the audience "spontaneously broke out into applause" over an eight hundred thousand dollar "still-array" sequence that features a Matrixesque 360 degree dolly around a block-wide explosion. As you may have guessed, "Swordfish" is an action flick. In it, Travolta portrays Gabriel Shear, a malignantly wealthy and charismatic spy full of twisted patriotic convictions. His soothing voice tinges villain roles such as these with a ripe amount of irony. Does he particularly like playing the foe? "I like playing good parts that are well written and fun to play, and all that. I think it's fun, you know. I also like playing good guys, but I'm glad I have the option. Jimmie Cagney had the option, years ago. Humphrey Bogart had the option. I think it's good to have options." One wonders what sort of advice Travolta has for the youth that have afforded him his icon status, and perhaps for those now struggling to stand in shoes similar to his own. He pauses, then says, " If they really love it, stick to it, be careful of the people they choose around them, to help them. Be true to themselves."

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