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Jon Secada
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    Jon Secada has had a successful career as a latin musician that feels comfortable conducting an orchestra or producing an album.

    That excess of musicality and versatility find the perfect medium in "Amanecer" (Awakening), Jon Secada's first album entirely in Spanish in seven years and his first on Emilio Estefan's Crescent Moon Recordslabel. Beyond the timing, it's a landmark album, not just because it includes historic duets with diva Gloria Estefan and legendary singer Fernando Villalona, but also because it carves a new direction for Jon, a Latin and American pop idol who's sold over 20 million albums in his career. 

    "The name 'Amanecer' has to do with the way I feel today," says Jon. "It's a real waking up for me as an artist. I haven't done anything entirely in Spanish for at least seven years, especially something like this type of album which has a different kind of flavor. It had a lot to do with the way we wanted the album, the feel of the record. It's such a refreshing, down to earth album. There's a very honest sincerity to the music. It's very stripped down and that makes it very attractive and also very fresh." 

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