Karen Karsh
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Karen Karsh
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    Karen Karsh is a successful and touching singer and speaker. Blind from birth, she overcame her obstacles to become successful and provide inspiration to all those who struggle.
    Blind from birth yet gifted with incredible insight to the soul, Ms Karsh touches the hearts of all who hear her. Karen, as audiences know her from coast to coast, charts a universal journey of self-discovery through her words and songs. In a voice made strong by her own personal struggles and triumphs, she sends the message that life's battles can be more than faced! They can be won! Singing and speaking from her own heart and soul, Karen's message reaches the last person in the back row in symphony halls as well as the first person in the first row of college classrooms.

    Relying upon a unique interactive format, Karen provides audiences with the opportunity to discover answers to their long unspoken questions about diversity, adversity and coping with blindness in a sighted world. Her musical performances are dotted with her true-life stories, such as those relating adventures with her guide dog as well as her unique take on obstacles in life, as seen by her response to the question: "Who said a bind person can't drive?" Her voice, like Ella Fitzgerald style, is that of an angel with a message. Her optimism, humor and personal sharing underscore a message that can affect lives.

    An experienced musician, Karen has an impressive resume, highlighted by appearances on national and local television programs in which she inspired viewers. She has guided young school- based artists to the discovery of their own voices through song writing. Karen has performed for charities and businesses, helping them to see and believing in their abilities to meet their goals, as well as organizations where overstressed people need to find a way to understress their hectic lives 
    "If one person can truly make a difference in people's lives, Karen Karsh is the one."  

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