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Karen Post is a recognized branding expert and social media pioneer.  She has appeared on Bloomberg radio and TV, CBS’s The Early Show, National Public Radio, The New York Times, New York Post, Financial Times and other worldwide media. She is also regular branding analyst for FOX TV in the South Florida market.

Karen is the author of the internationally published book, Brain Tattoos: Creating Unique Brands That Stick in Your Customers’ Minds and is active blogger on business and marketing matters.

Her work has benefited Fortune 500 organizations and emerging businesses in both consumer and business-to-business sectors including: ACNielsen, American Express, Bank of America, CEO Council, Chevron, Choice Hotels International, Cox Media, Culver's, Johnston & Johnson Company, Kellwood, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Sara Lee Corporation and Xerox.

Karen doesn’t just speak and write about branding and social media.  She lives it!  She started her first company at age 22 and went on to build an award-winning ad agency as well as a legal communications firm.  In 2006, she launched Oddpodz, an online community for creatively-charged entrepreneurs, business professionals and marketers. 

Karen is known by many as the Branding Diva®.  She ignites excitement in her audiences by sharing loads of real-world stories and personal experiences that empower fresh, new thinking, creativity and change. Post is on the front line of business and branding as both a leader and a practitioner.


Frogs, NGOs and your bottom line.

Leveraging new eco-markets for business & planet sustainability

Public opinions, societal values and business models are all experiencing a monumental shift to green products, practices and new challenges. These factors impact the brand, what it stands for, its integrity and how it must navigate in the fast-moving terrain.

Reinvention-U, your brand, your destiny

When change calls, pick up your smart phone!

Time to reinvent? Jump-start your business or your career? Today's economies are forcing businesses and professionals to re- evalutate where they are, what they are doing and where they are headed. This program helps the audience understand the art, science and act of reinvention, so they can transform into a new career, brand or offering.

Odd fish finish first

Distinguishing your brand from the competition

Today's marketplace is a cluttered, busy mess. The average consumer is inundated with marketing noise, sales pitches, commercials and endless choices in every category. So how do great brands win this fierce battle? They own a unique place in the minds of their market by being distinct, offering brand attributes unlike the rest and consistently communicating these uncommon and compelling stories in all of their touchpoints.

The freeway to more customers.

How businesses give and gain more by leveraging the art and science of a freebie.

Businesses need to learn new ways to find and keep customers.
This program is a how-to use the art and science of free stuff to find and keep customers. It explores the new attitudes of all market segments as they seek, high value, no cost offers. The practice of serving up free, no-cost offers in today’s highly competitive marketplace is one of the most prolific techniques impacting brands.

This program will open up thinking for businesses; solo-practitioners, small business owners and leadership, and Fortune 100 companies.

Program content addresses:
-Finding customers and new revenue, turning around stale business models, and further cementing brand loyalty.

-How best to create a strategic free offering, how to manage a customer’s expectations and experience, and how to remain authentic to their brand.

-And beyond the how-to apply this practice to your business, The BONUS takeaway is: Karen shares at least 10 of her favorite high-value, absolutely FREE biz tools and resources too.

Brain Tattoos, Bigger Better Branding.

This program helps companies and associations embrace the branding process so they can create new brands and/or effectively execute existing ones. This content covers the basics of branding and current trends in reaching diverse and segmented markets. The program can be delivered in a keynote format or in an interactive workshop.

A to Z Creativity, 26 Ways to the Next Big Idea.

Most great brands start with and uphold bold creative ideas. They go where competitors fear and create their own markets, new products and different ways to do things. Where do these big ideas come from? The human brain, which --like a competitive horse–-he has so much potential if it’s trained and exercised regularly. This creative booster introduces fun and effective methods to increase you and your team’s creative output. This program can be delivered in a keynote format or in an interactive workshop.

Born-again Brands.

The rebrand of organizations, persons or products.
Some brands are timeless: Tiffany’s, Kleenex, even Coca-Cola. They’re classic icons in our minds. They’ve stood the test of time. We know what they are and what they stand for. Their brand story is clear and consistent in any day of any decade.

Other brands are tired and don’t age as well. Some are born bad and just get worse. Some start off good and then, over time, get sloppy and lose focus. Others are innocent victims of our fast-changing world. Whatever the case, even shaky brands can become “born-again”: a brand with a renewed spirit and a relevant connection to the market. This program takes the audience through the entire rebrand process. It is delivered in a keynote format or in an interactive workshop.

Brandtown, USA. Become a destination magnet.

This program helps associations and public and private destinations embrace the branding of places process so they can create memorable brands that attract people to their space. The content covers the downside of committee-driven compromise and the upside of leadership, achieving big goals on a small budget, and new trends in reaching the market. This program can be delivered in a keynote format or in an interactive workshop.

The Brand Inside. Attracting and keeping the right talent.

This program shows you how to attract and keep the right talent with a strong inside brand. Content focuses on building the internal or employer brand. When companies merge, downsize, experience rapid growth or any big change, the inside brand is essential. In today's competitive market, having a desirable corporate brand is the key to staff recruitment, retention and organizational success.

Branding on a Heart String. Creating a nonprofit Brand.

The nonprofit sector is struggling. Giving is down and the need is up. Marketing and branding are more important than ever in this highly competitive environment. This program provides practical, big ideas to brand a cause, a program and/or an organization. If your resources are limited, your volunteers are tired and your mission is great, this program is for you. Attendees will learn story telling, the marketing and how to leverage social media.

Brain Tattooing with Social Media. How to build and manage an online business brand.

By 2011, over 1 billion people will be actively involved in social media. Gone are the days when only teenagers occupied this online world. Today savvy business owners; entrepreneurs and professionals, are benefiting from these Web phenomena. Karen Post, a marketing expert with 25 years’ experience, and CEO of a social media company, Oddpodz, takes the myths and intimidation out of this new marketplace. She delivers simple ideas to tap into this new frontier of opportunity to grow your business. This program covers a social media “overview” and “how-to”; blogging to build your brand, tweeting for success, and reputation management. It can be geared to individuals or company needs. She covers managing your brand online, business development publicity leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, www.Oddpodz.com and other popular sites.

The New Face of Retail

Presentation message focus can include: buyer trends on- and offline, the new consumer attitudes, tactics to increase retail sales and how to deliver a fully branded memorable experience. This program can be delivered to executives, management or frontline retail staff.


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  • Frogs, NGOs and your bottom line
  • Reinvention-U, your brand, your destiny
  • Odd fish finish first
  • The freeway to more customers
  • Businesses need to learn new ways to find and keep customers
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  • Brain Tattoos, Bigger Better Branding, A to Z Creativity, 26 Ways to the Next Big Idea
  • Born-again Brands
  • Brandtown, USA. Become a Destination magnet
  • The Brand Inside. Attracting and keeping the right talent
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