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Kathy Ireland
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    From supermodel to savvy entrepreneur, Kathy Ireland has built a $1.4 billion design empire.  As CEO and Chief Designer of Kathy Ireland WorldWide, she has become "a best friend to working mothers" and leads America's seventh most popular brand in its category.  Her mission is "finding solutions for families, especially busy moms," which she derives from her own experience balancing her many responsibilities as wife, mother and CEO.

    Kathy Ireland began her career as a supermodel and morphed into what the Associated Press and London Times call "a best friend to working mothers" as women all over America embrace her designs and products.

    Kathy Ireland is Chief Designer and CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide (KIWW). The brand was acknowledged by Women's Wear Daily as one of "America's Most Popular" in its category, with women 18-49. The Kathy Ireland brand is also recognized as #1 in its category for "Product Innovation in America" by the country's leading research firm, Kurt Salmon Associates.

    Kathy Ireland was honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners and received the "Entertainment Businesswoman of the Year" Award. She is the only designer in history to have an LPGA-sponsored tournament named in her honor, The Kathy Ireland Championship. KIWW's relationship with the LPGA supports women's athletics and education.

    To further reinforce Kathy Ireland's prowess as a designer, her collections are regularly featured in the same prestigious magazines that ask her to grace their covers: Cosmopolitan, Glamour, McCalls, People, Redbook, Shape and Fit Pregnancy. Kathy Ireland's products are regularly featured beside those of Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Cartier, Liz Claiborne, Charles Jourdan, and Gucci.

    Kathy Ireland is a favorite guest on The Tonight Show, as well as MSNBC, The Today Show, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and specials on E! and VH1.

    It all started with socks. The genesis of Kathy Ireland Worldwide occurred in 1993 when founder and CEO Kathy Ireland brought her unique perspectives to American women with a collection of designer socks. Kathy was inspired to create her products after working with some of the world's most famous designers. Kathy Ireland not only launched a successful clothing line, but also swimwear, maternity clothes, home furnishings and accessories divisions.

    Kathy Ireland supports numerous charities, including Elizabeth Taylor's HIV/AIDS Foundation, Feed the Children, March of Dimes, Alliance for Christian Education and Barabara Ireland Walk for a Cure (founded by her mother).

    Kathy Ireland co-authored the book, Powerful Inspirations: Eight Lessons That Will Change Your Life. She resides in Santa Barbara with her husband and three children.


    Popular Keynote Programs

    Real Solutions for Busy Moms:  Your Guide to Success and Sanity

    Kathy Ireland communicates with moms every day: online, at the grocery store, at church, at speaking engagements, and on her company website. She hears from real women who struggle with balancing the responsibilities of marriage, raising children, managing a household or career or both, and finding any time left to take care of themselves. As the involved mom of three very active children, the supportive wife of an emergency room doctor, and a dynamic businesswoman, Kathy knows of these struggles firsthand and dedicates her days to finding the solutions that can make life easier for busy moms in all phases of life. As she recognizes the tough financial concerns families feel today and many other issues, Kathy offers practical strategies for tackling these issues head-on. In this compelling and inspiring presentation, she shares stories from her own life and wisdom she has gained through her years from a teenager with a paper route to successful supermodel to mom to entrepreneur with a dream for big business big-- which was realized by building what Forbes now calls the "Billion Dollar Brand."

    Powerful Inspirations: Eight Lessons that will Change Your Life

    Kathy Ireland first gained recognition as a supermodel, but today she is respected for her design talents and business acumen as CEO and Chief Designer of Kathy Ireland Worldwide.  She is also very active in several non-profit organizations and charities.  In this motivating, powerful presentation, Kathy reveals the sources of her strengths and enthusiasm, through insightful lessons that form a life-changing plan for audiences. In sharing her plan, Ireland also tells stories from her life, describing her close-knit family, the work ethic her parents taught her, and the sense of compassion they instilled in her.  She speaks movingly of her failures and the lessons she's learned while triumphing over them. Kathy's account of her journey from the beaches of Santa Barbara to the boardroom, from supermodel to successful businesswoman provides audiences the inspiration and encouragement to create a rich and rewarding life for themselves.



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  • Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity
  • Powerful Inspirations: Eight Lessons that will Change Your Life
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