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Kurt Warner is a two-time MVP of the NFL and a true champion at heart.

Not only did that performance lead the St. Louis Rams past the Tennessee Titans, it earned him Super Bowl MVP honors, as well. During the regular season, Kurt Warner amassed 4,353 yards, 41 touchdowns, and a 109.1 passer rating - quite a feat for a guy who was bagging groceries five years ago.

Along with success comes the inevitable media coverage. Cameras and microphones have been in Kurt's face more in recent weeks than ever before. But what do you say with all the new attention? Some professional athletes use the publicity for self-glory or to talk about all the money that they're making. But Kurt Warner has a different topic on his mind to speak of. It's the message of Jesus Christ. Kurt is a professing Christian who jumps at the chance to give God the credit for his ability to play football. He was proclaiming the Good News in his first words after victory in the Super Bowl, shouting, "Thank you, JESUS!!!" It's a refreshing thing to hear a pro player speak the name of Christ instead of his own.

"Looking at the big picture, I know my role in this is to help share my faith, and to share my relationship with the Lord in this capacity. The funny thing is my wife, when I tell her about some interviews that I've done, she's always asking me, 'Don't talk about the Lord in every answer that you give.' I come back and tell her, 'Hey, they try to cut out as much of those (religious comments) as they can. So if I don't give it in every answer, then it's never going to be there, because they're not going to use those quotes.'"

Kurt Warner says his faith, as well as the hardships and tragedies his family has faced, has helped him understand what truly is important in life. "I think it grounds me," Warner said. "Whether I'm on the field or off the field, I don't get anxious. I don't get nervous… Because I know that things are going to work out for me… I've learned that along the way there's going to be speed bumps. That it's not just going to be a smooth path. And I've learned how to react to those situations."

Kurt Warner is an inspiration to all athletes at all levels of competition. He sets an example for those athletes who know Christ as their personal Savior to not hide it from others but to shout it from the roof tops, or on television. If you ever get a chance to see him doing a post game interview you will more than likely hear him giving God all the glory.

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