Larraine Segil
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Larraine Segil
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    Larraine Segil is a former CEO with real experience in creating and managing alliances. Her approach and processes really work in the marketplace, and she has helped over thirty thousand executives put them to use.

    From presenting tools, to manage compatibility issues between partners, to adding value over time through alliance competency building or restructuring the relationships, with lots of examples from companies worldwide, large or small, Larraine's engaging and provoking presentation will stick with you for a long time. Her presentations are jammed full with tools and takeaways. 

    Through her extensive work with leaders of industry world wide, Larraine has created a new paradigm for leadership in this decade and beyond. The characteristics she has developed through her experience and research into 250 global companies match individual characteristics with corporate or organizational environments. How can you attract and keep good people? How can you work, reward, inspire and play to make your company the one to join (and stay with!)? Larraine pulls from her personal interviews with prime ministers, CEOs and others to offer a methodology for finding out how well the organization fits the new economy and recommends how to get there. 

    Larraine is also recognized internationally in the areas of partnerships and collaboration ? digital and traditional ones. Alliances and mergers are coming fast and furious for and Internet-enabled companies; and in fact are a key strategy for any savvy digital business. Larraine reveals her proven approach to business development in the Internet world; and has trademarked "fastalliances" to describe the process. She wrote the book FastAlliances, which dissects the unique aspects of e-alliances, from identifying deliverables to providing tools proven to cement swift and decisive relationships in Internet time. 

    E-business cannot happen without FastAlliances, and they are different from traditional alliances. As an expert in both, Larraine presents a fast moving, high energy presentation based on her book. She outlines the meaning of dotcom Selfesteem, how traditional companies can create it, transforming cultures and competencies to meet the demands of the new economy. She presents real tools, processes, metrics and deliverables, not just fast talk and buzz words. The world thought leader in this space, Larraine has jumped ahead in her understanding of what works and what doesn't, whether in North America, Europe, Asia or Latin America. Her examples include companies that are both traditional and startups in all those regions. You will leave with a Faststrategy? and a playbook of how to implement it. 

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