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Laurence Haughton
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    Laurence Haughton is the head of research and development for bestselling author and business thought leader Jason Jennings.

    Jennings and Haughton wrote the breakthrough business strategy book,It’s Not the Big that Eat the Small…  It’s the FAST that Eat the Slow. This collaboration was an instant bestseller; a big hit on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and BusinessWeek lists.

    Haughton next investigated the tactics that produce faster follow through at every level. Doubleday published his discoveries inIt’s Not What You Say…  It’s What You Do – How Following Through at Every Level Can Make or Break Your Company. Jason called his research “brilliant… delivering big ideas that jump off every page.”

    In 2007 Jennings and Haughton launched a two-year project to discover the most successfulnewFortune 1000 CEOs and analyze their unique strategies for rapid success. The result wasHit the Ground Running – A Manual for New Leaders,Jennings' third book published by Penguin Putnam.

    In 2012 the pair wrapped up Jason’s newest research on mastering continuous change and generating double-digit growth.The Reinventorswas published in May and in just 30 days became a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Jason said their collaboration was, “the most enjoyable writing work in 20 years” and concluded, “The Reinventorswouldn’t exist without Haughton.”

    Laurence Haughton goes beyond conventional business management research into disciplines like anthropology, medicine, organizational psychology, history, and behavioral economics for new insights. He has interviewed over five thousand entrepreneurs and key executives and brings every management lesson they have shared to his conclusions.

    But what makes him unique is that he tellsgreat stories that make it easy for everyone to get the point.

    Haughton has keynoted for technology, communications, professional services, manufacturing, and retail companies as well as trade associations, leadership forums, and conventions. He’s terrific at teaching the strategies and tactics that make speed a competitive advantage, at explaining the best practices to get more buy-in and better follow-through, and at illustrating the principles that are critical to reinvention, double-digit growth and continuous change.

    Prior to starting his career as a researcher and writer, Haughton consulted companies in the US and Asia with Jason Jennings for 15 years.

    Speaking Topics

    The Art of Execution

    Half of all strategies and initiatives fail because most managers use execution strategies that are fatally flawed. Laurence Haughton did eighteen months of post-mortems on failed strategies and found the answers for leading the fast and flawless execution of any new initiative. The key deliverables in his 60 to 90 minute keynote are:

    • The three building blocks of a successful execution strategy and the flaws that doom initiatives
    • How to negotiate expectations from the top and align everyone’s agenda
    • The steps that guarantee absolute accountability with no confusion and no arguments at any level

    Get More Buy-In

    Just as our bodies have an immune system that automatically rejects anything foreign, companies have antibodies that will attack new strategies that challenge the status quo. So like a doctor preparing a patient for a lifesaving transplant, change leaders must give their teams the right medicine to overcome resistance to change. Haughton has learned the best prescription for generating more buy-in and improving the follow-through. In his 60 to 90 minute keynote Haughton gives your leadership team the step-by-step formula:

    • Getting everyone to quickly let go of their old ways
    • The steps that will get your change initiative off to a great start
    • How to identify the people who will never buy-in before you hire them

    Sustaining Urgency, Focus, and Momentum 

    We don’t work in a perfect world. So leaders must know more than how to supervise. They need to know the secrets that drive more individual initiative – how to encourage the willpower that overcomes all obstacles and what they can do to find more people with a fierce sense of urgency and commitment. The key deliverables in Haughton’s 60 to 90 minute keynote on sustaining urgency, focus, and momentum are:

    • The glue that keeps teams surging forward despite obstacles and tough conditions
    • A simple hiring tactic that identifies people who will put all their heart into following through for you
    • How to get more problem-solving communication and cooperation across all levels and less finger pointing.

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